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Laser Tag Manufacturer Comparisons

You want to build an incredible laser tag attraction. First you pick out one or two possible manufacturers and arena suppliers, then you ask for proposals and try to figure out exactly what you are getting for your money.

LASERTRON Laser Tag Manufacturer - Apples

Simple right? Unfortunately, it can be a very complicated process.

The most basic laser tag systems contain many components and ongoing service and support are important. Advanced laser tag systems contain hundreds of laser tag features and components and ongoing service and support are even more critical. Comparing apples to apples is anything but simple.

Some laser tag manufacturers and arena builders exclude certain components and/or line items in their laser tag and arena proposals. These line items are often critical to figuring out the true costs of your laser tag attraction. LASERTRON provides turn-key installations, extensive training and important bells and whistles like base station targets and scoring monitors in the arena that are often excluded by other manufacturers.

A laser tag manufacturer that doesnat provide you with the necessary training or excludes important features is giving you less than the very best. The same goes for an arena supplier who doesnat provide you with the true costs of building a multi-level arena.

If the arena builder excludes the cost of the steel structure to create your multi-level arena, then you can easily be looking at an additional $30,000 to $40,000 or even $60,000 dollars in additional costs for a large laser tag arena. If the arena builder doesnat provide you with final drawings that include the actual usable space created by the steel structure and the total number of ramps to the second level, then you are not getting the information necessary to figure out the true value you are receiving for your money.

Unfortunately, each manufacturer and arena supplier handles such important elements as laser tag and arena installation, training, warranty, shipping and point-of-sale software in entirely different ways.

LASERTRON - A Complete Turnkey Package

LASERTRON believes you deserve a complete system that maximizes your laser tag experience and your ability to succeed. Over the years, weave made many components standard in our laser tag proposals because so many of our operators wanted them or benefited from them both in the short-term as well as the long-term. You get more standard features and options with your LASERTRON LT-12 game system and arena than any other manufacturer provides...if they provide them at all.

Because LASERTRON offers so many extra standard components and features, itas critical that you have all the information when itas time for you to make a decision on which laser tag manufacturer to choose.

LASERTRON always gives you more in our agreements: more equipment, more training time and more game options. But, you can also decide whether or not you need these extras. When we have compared "Apples to Apples" with other major systems in the past LASERTRON has been able to meet or beat our competitors' offers when looking at the entire laser tag attraction including arena and equipment. LASERTRON will always give you more value for your money.

Some common critical differences between LASERTRON and other major manufacturers and arena suppliers

Start the Apples to Apples Comparison process yourself by reviewing proposals and agreements presented to you by LASERTRON and other manufacturers and arena suppliers. Here are some critical points of difference you'll need to consider:

  1. Proposals for multi-level arenas may not include the cost of the steel for the second level and/or the cost of installation of the steel for the second level. LASERTRON always includes the steel and installation in our proposals unless you are looking to install the arena yourself.
  2. Make sure the size of the second level between two proposals is the same or comparable. There is a huge difference in investment and playability between a proposal that offers 500 sq ft on a second level versus a proposal that offers 1500 sq ft on a second level. LASERTRON always recommends and proposes the maximum possible square footage for your attraction's second level.
  3. Having multiple ramps to the second level adds dimension to your arena and provides your players with a more exciting laser tag experience. LASERTRON builds large ramps, often with multiple entries or exits depending on the size of your arena. Make sure that the number and style of ramps are comparable between any proposals. If necessary, LASERTRON can always reduce the number and size of the ramps based on the clients wishes.
  4. We don't know of any other arena builder who will warranty their work for more than one year. LASERTRON warranties our arena work and components for the same duration as our equipment warranty which is for up to 5 years.
  5. Speaking of warranties, make sure any 'all-inclusive' warranty is truly all-inclusive. Many manufacturers leave out critical components, such as phaser cords or batteries, claiming these are disposable items. Warranties may not cover phaser and vests plastics or other common break points. The LASERTRON warranty includes all of these items. We even include screws. Disposable items not covered under the LASERTRON "Bumper to Bumper" Laser Tag warranty are truly disposable, such as scorecards, code name cards and fog fluid.
  6. Many laser tag manufacturers have rolled back their warranties to only one or two years. LASERTRON started the move towards longer warranties for laser tag equipment and we will continue to offer a five-year warranty on our equipment. Upon request, we can reduce the length of the warranty to allow an "Apples to Apples" comparison.
  7. New for 2013 LASERTRON introduced a lifetime warranty on our phaser cords.
    LASERTRON understands the value of a great laser tag experience. We worked for many years to develop a phaser cord that was as close to indestructible as possible. We operate a very high volume laser tag arena in Buffalo, NY and during a 10 year period we only replaced about 20 phaser cords. Since we operate with 96 vests that means over 75% of our vests never had a phaser cord short during 10+ years of operation.
    Most importantly, this means it is extremely rare that a LASERTRON laser tag player will ever experience a phaser cord failure. Our competition can't say the same.
    Since the likelihood of a LASERTRON phaser cord failure is so rare, it was an easy decision to provide our LT-12 customers with a Lifetime Phaser Cord Warranty.
  8. If you decide to reduce your warranty, only LASERTRON offers you the opportunity to purchase the five-year warranty back right in your agreement at a guaranteed low rate. Most other manufacturers will not allow you to extend your warranty past the warranty date and/or don't provide the option at a predetermined rate in the agreement. So after one or two years the warranty could be at a much higher rate or unavailable altogether.
  9. LASERTRON offers free telephone and email support and free 24/7 emergency support for the lifetime of your product. We will provide this support for a minimum of 10 years after the date of installation at no cost to you. Watch for hidden fees with other manufacturers who may charge you for this basic support service after an initial free period. These fees could amount to tens of thousands of dollars over an 8-10 year period.
  10. Several years ago, LASERTRON realized that most clients wanted a turnkey solution. We include the items that you and your customers want in every LT-12 PRO proposal, but are usually left out of competitive proposals. While we can remove these items at your request, almost every LASERTRON LT-12 PRO proposal includes:
    1. Professional sound system with four speakers
    2. Professional haze machine
    3. Four base targets with special effect lighting
    4. Complete, installed vesting racks for your packs (optional LED racks are also available
    5. All 12 Special Modes & Power Ups
    6. Center Manager Pro POS software (including Kiosk & Reservation Software)
    7. Gamification kiosk software & on-line member scoring software
  11. LASERTRON guarantees up to 40 hours of technical and staff training in our LT-12 PRO installation agreement. While most manufacturers offer training within their proposals, they are elusive as to how much training you will receive. On average, our install team is on-site at your facility seven to eight days. In many cases, we send out one of our managers from our facility to assist in the installation and staff training. We strive to have at least one team member at your location for the opening of your laser tag attraction. We are confident that our trainers have significantly more experience and are available to you for more hours of training on-site than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Important Note: Only LASERTRON provides extensive on-going training several times a year at our LASERTRON Professional Operators' Conference program.

LASERTRON Laser Tag   Manufacturer - Conference Program

Our Conference covers management, marketing and operations in detail. The most frequent attendees to the Conference have experienced consistent revenue increases year after year.

While not every competitive manufacturer fails in each of these areas, no other manufacturer offers as complete a package as LASERTRON. If you add up the value of just these eleven common differences, you could receive $40,000-60,000 in additional value from LASERTRON depending on the size of your installation.

How do you make sure you are comparing apples to apples?

You get each manufacturer and arena supplier to agree up front to provide a detailed comparison of everything provided as well as any additional requirements to get your laser tag attraction up and running. In addition, each manufacturer and arena supplier has to agree to let the other manufacturer and arena supplier see exactly what each manufacturer and arena supplier is providing.

We at LASERTRON believe you (the client) have the right to see all the details. Therefore, we encourage you to share our proposal with any other manufacturer or arena supplier while providing us with the same courtesy.

Weall analyze our competitors quotation and show you how it compares to what LASERTRON provides as well as the costs. We will also identify any items that are missing or identify "estimates" that may effect the final price. If there are items not included in their price, then we will update our LASERTRON quote and exclude those items upon request. This will help provide you with the most accurate comparison.

Other manufacturers and arena suppliers may not want to do this, but it is essential for you to fairly compare the value provided by both the laser tag manufacturers and arena suppliers.

We are the first laser tag manufacturer and arena supplier to offer our customers an apples to apples comparison. Laser tag manufacturers and arena suppliers are not exactly excited about providing an apples to apples comparison with a LASERTRON laser tag system and arena. No other laser tag manufacturer includes all the features, options and benefits that LASERTRON provides.

Important note: recent apples to apples comparisons have even surprised us. With all the extra value we provide, we are often the same investment or very close but provide more long-term value. Based on our recent "Apples to Apples" comparisons, prospective clients have decided to go with LASERTRON. Customers are saying, "Since the difference is so small, it makes sense to go with the best."

Please avoid signing any type of confidentiality agreement with a manufacturer or arena supplier until you have had time to do the due diligence required to make a good decision for your business.

Take part in our "Apples to Apples" Challenge Today, it could be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

We will pay you $500 dollars for your troubles when you open your laser tag attraction whether you go with LASERTRON or not if you will:

LASERTRON Laser Tag   Manufacturer - Apples
  1. Allow us to compare LASERTRONas laser tag system and arena proposal to all your other laser tag and arena proposals prior to making any commitment with any manufacturer or supplier.
  2. Join us for one of our Laser Tag Conferences in Buffalo prior to making any commitment with any manufacturer or supplier.

For additional information about LASERTRON, please contact Your Advisement Team.

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