The LASERTRON Difference Game Play

We're asked all the time "what makes LASERTRON Laser Tag different?"

There are many possible responses. We can talk about our company's history including the operation of our own laser tag arena in Buffalo, New York, now in its 27 plus years of operation. We can mention the professional approach we take to building and developing the best laser tag centers in partnership with our clients. There is our excellent reliability and our five-year "Bumper to Bumper" warranty, not to mention the International LASERTRON Alliance and our community of fellow operators.

All of these are important reasons why clients select LASERTRON as their equipment provider. But, these aren't the only things that differentiate LASERTRON laser tag equipment from the rest of the industry.

A Unique Game of Laser Tag

The LASERTRON LT-12 Laser Tag Game System offers unique game play options that set us ahead of the pack. While you can duplicate the various games and formats available in competitive systems with your LASERTRON system, we recommend a game that will distinguish your laser tag attraction. 27 years of research and thousands of laser tag games have gone into the making of the LASERTRON LT-12.

Familiarize yourself with the ideal LASERTRON game by reading about the various elements of our laser tag system. Each article below covers an individual topic, but taken together they help describe recommended game play of the LASERTRON system.

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What If You Want Something Different

LASERTRON centers have been successful with different laser tag game formats. We offer our "best practices" for long term profitability, but you will ultimately decide how to run your center.

In fact, many of our best clients run variations on our system with excellent results. Over time, some of these operators have changed some of their own practices to mirror our LASERTRON Interactive Entertainment Center and have achieved even greater results. Others have maintained their own operating systems after purchasing a LASERTRON system and some of our clients have duplicated the LASERTRON system right from the very beginning.

Whatever you decide as a LASERTRON operator, you can be secure in knowing that your investment in a LASERTRON LT-12 Laser Tag Game System will give you more options than any other system.

Experience The LASERTRON Difference

The only way to truly understand the differences in LASERTRON game play is to play an LT-12 laser tag system. During our quarterly Professional Operators' Conference, potential operators have the opportunity to try various LASERTRON games with fellow operators and potential operators. We encourage you to try each laser tag system before you make your final decision.

The LASERTRON Game Play Story

When you're ready to experience the LASERTRON LT-12 Game System for yourself, contact Your Advisement Team.

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