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LASERTRON Laser Tag Provides a Fast Game

Players come to play laser tag expecting an athletic event. Since running and other dangerous activities are not safe, it is critical to provide a fast paced game. LASERTRON has created an ideal fast-paced game to excite your guests.

Compare the standard LASERTRON Team Sport Game to the current crop of the most popular video games. These games are all action-packed. Many are enjoyed by a wide demographic, from kids to older adults in their 30's who have grown up with video game systems. While safety prevents recreating the total action of these games, laser tag must provide a similar feel and quality to compete.

Quick Rate of Fire

The first step in providing faster game play is having a quick rate of fire. The LASERTRON phaser can fire rapidly, almost three times a second. Firing quickly increases the excitement in the game by allowing players to score points rapidly and to react to the laser tag game instantly.

Full-Time Rapid Fire

One thing we've learned in our 27 years of experience building laser tag is that players enjoy the feeling of continuously firing their phaser. By holding down both of the red safety buttons and holding down the trigger of the laser tag phaser, a LASERTRON player will enter into rapid fire mode. This works in every laser tag game format, unless you, the operator, turn it off.

Easy to Tag Sensors

Another important element to increase the pacing of your laser tag game is to create sensors that are easy to tag. It's a bit of a "goldilocks" problem. Your laser tag vest must be easy enough to tag that players are not discouraged, but at the same time the vest cannot be so easy to tag that players feel it takes no skill.

LASERTRON has worked through eleven generations of laser tag equipment to find the right balance with sensors. The LT-12 generation laser tag vest has seven separate sensor locations: each shoulder, front, back, each side of the phaser and down the barrel of the phaser. This latest laser tag vest has custom-designed wide angle sensors. This allows the sensors to be tagged from wide angles.

We designed the vest so a player will be accurately tagged when an opposing laser tag phaser is fired at their torso from about 30-40 feet. Players can successfully score tags with LASERTRON laser tag equipment from 150 feet in our arenas.

The multiple sensor locations and wide angle of the sensors make it difficult for a player to "cheat" the game by covering or removing their sensors from play. This makes for fairer game play.

Optional Shields

Shields is a common game format in many laser tag systems, including LASERTRON. When a player is tagged they immediately go into shields. In shields, they cannot fire their phaser and cannot be tagged for a brief time.

Shields dramatically reduces the pacing of the game. When a player is tagged, they are effectively out of the game for a time period. The player that tagged them must seek a new target or simply wait out the shields. Likewise, the player that is tagged must wait out the shields to respond. It makes the game play slow.

In the standard LASERTRON team game, this doesn't happen. There are no shields. Play is continuous. A player is always a target and may be tagged multiple times in a row. Likewise, any player can immediately respond to any opposing player. This almost forces the game to run at a faster pace.

Unlimited Base Tags

In the standard LASERTRON team game, you can tag the base multiple times in a row just like you tag a player multiple times in a row. Not only do players find it thrilling to hammer the base, this creates a real need for defensive play to win games.

In a game format where the base can be tagged only one time (usually for a high point value), playing defense is difficult and no fun. Once a player gets the base, they will never come back to the opposing base area-- there is no point.

With players constantly attacking the base, there is always something for a defensive player to do. Unlimited base tags increase the pace of play for both offensive and defensive players.

Shorter, Multi-Game Laser Tag Sessions

A faster paced game means players tire faster. This also means faster paced games should be programmed for shorter playing times. Faster paced games with less playing time seem just as long as slower past games with more playing time. Instead of running a long 12 to 15 minute game that is slower paced, we set up our sessions utilizing four 6-minute games. This gives each player more opportunities to be a winner. We recommend playing a series of short games in a longer session.

Playing shorter games will give players a break between games, but it's not all that is required for an ideal game. At LASERTRON, we've been playing recharge games for years and see many advantages to this laser tag format. Click here to read all of the details about recharge games.

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