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What is the Value of a Team Game in Laser Tag?

When planning your laser tag center, you have a lot of game play choices to make. If you select a high-end laser tag system, like the LASERTRON LT-12 Laser Tag Game System, you will have millions of options.

One of your first choices will be to decide how many teams you'll play in your arena. There are laser tag arenas that play solo games (every player for themselves), two-team, three-team and even four or more team games.

The final decisions for game play at your center will be up to you. LASERTRON's goal is to provide you with all the best options of game play for your center. Once you install a LASERTRON LT-12 Laser Tag Game System, you will have more options than any other system. As the operator, you'll be able to design your own custom game formats.

LASERTRON has the longest-running laser tag arena in North America and 131 independent laser tag centers. Our team has seen hundreds of facilities and experience has shown that the most effective format is a two team game. This game offers your players the best possible experience.

People are Accustomed to Two Teams

Almost all multi-player sports involve a contest of two teams, including all of the most popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer. Many of the solo sports, like tennis, are really just two teams of one competing against each other.

Two-Team Games Allow You To Balance The Game

Offering a balanced laser tag game where players feel like they can win is critical. If players feel that there is no chance to win, they won't enjoy the game. A two-team game gives you the best chance of creating a balanced game. Games with more than two teams make it more difficult to balance the teams and solo games are inherently unbalanced. LASERTRON's Center Manager Pro 4.0 point-of-sale and management software will also help you automate the process of balancing teams.

Team Games Promote Offensive and Defensive Strategies

By their very nature, team games promote team play. When you create teams, you give players an opportunity to create offensive and defensive strategies that are impossible in a solo style laser tag game. By promoting players to work together in your laser tag arena, you make the game more interesting and more challenging.

Having Teammates Supports and Educates Newer and Younger Players

For some players, the laser tag arena can be a confusing or even scary place. In a solo game, such a player will not have anyone to rely upon. In a team game, especially a team game where all teammates start in the same location for the game, apprehensive players have a built-in support network. Their fellow teammates will often provide quick tips for how to play a better and more competitive game. In a solo game, there is no immediate benefit for a player to help out another player.

Even laser tag centers that promote a solo game will typically allow young children to play with their parents. Being alone can be intimidating. Working with a group of people on a team is more comforting and more socially interactive. Without the safety net of a team, some laser tag players may play more aggressively to compensate for their lack of knowledge of how to play the game. The team provides an additional support network to educate new players faster.

You Only Have One Winner in a Solo Game

Perhaps one of the strongest arguments for a team game is the number of winners. There is no question that your players like winning, otherwise, why would we keep score? In a solo game format, there is only one high score player and consequently only one winner. No matter how many players are in a solo laser tag game, they are all losers except for one player.

In a team game, the dynamics are different. With a two team game, half of your players are winners every game. Even if you are the lowest scoring player, you contributed to your team's winning effort.

It's important to point out that your LASERTRON LT-12 Laser Tag Game System will help you promote your game's winners. With every standard system, your players will be able to check their score and their team's score in four ways:

  • An overhead scoreboard displays all team scores and the time remaining (live and in real time during the game)
  • Four scoring monitors display all individual scores and the team score throughout the game (live and in real time during the game)
  • The player's laser tag vest displays their individual score (live and in real time during the game)
  • At the conclusion of the session, each player is handed a scorecard with all the details of his or her game

Solo Games Are Just Team Games Where Mobs Decide Teams

If you're still not convinced a team game is right for your laser tag facility, consider the harsh truths of solo games. Solo game formats are "solo" in name only. The first thing that happens in a solo game is some players will team up together. Some players may agree not to tag each other while other players will make more specific alliances. More experienced players will understand the need to team up, whether offensively to score more points or defensively because other players are bound to team up.

Your referees won't be able to do much about it. It's a full-time task in a laser tag arena to watch for players breaking rules and to help out players without trying to decide which players are teaming up together in your laser tag arena. Under the best of circumstances it's a difficult call, but with blacklights, fog and laser tag obstacles, it will be next to impossible for a referee to determine if players are undermining the solo game or not.

Unfortunately, because players pick the teams and not you, your laser tag players will try and stack the teams in their favor. These de facto teams will be unbalanced and unfair for most of your players. Playing a solo game format means losing some of the control in your laser tag arena.

Playing a team game is the first step to creating an ideal game system. In addition to playing a team game, you must take advantage of LASERTRON's more exciting and faster paced games. Read about how LASERTRON creates a fast-paced, enjoyable game that is sure to excite your players in the next article. Click here to start reading now.

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