Why Multi-Level?


We have been operating our laser tag center for over 27 years. We certainly donat know everything, but we have learned a great deal through trial and error. We have systematically tested the competitive qualities of multiple types of arenas such as mazy arenas, sport arenas, asymmetrical, symmetrical, right angle arenas, horseshoe arenas, small and large single level, split level and multi-level arenas. We have also tested various types of construction for single level and multi-level arenas, especially the long-term durability of each type of construction.

We are also the only company to have systematically tested the marketing potential of various types of arenas in a controlled environment. For example, we operated a single level arena for many years in our LASERTRON entertainment center in Buffalo, New York. We always wondered what would happen if a competitor opened a multi-level arena in the same market area. Over the years we have had laser tag competitors come and go. But, all of their arenas were single-level.

In the fall of 2002, we had the opportunity to find out what would happen when a competitor built a multi-level arena in our market area. Fortunately, the competitor was us. We decided to build a second laser tag arena on the opposite end of our existing entertainment center. The new multi-level arena was much smaller at 3,200 square feet and could only play up to 24 players compared to our 6,900 square foot single level arena which could play up to 40 players.

The results were very interesting.

Over a two year period the much smaller multi-level arena saw its sales climb to over 34% of total laser tag sales. Even more interesting was the fact that during slower weeks, sales of the small multi-level arena climbed to over 50% of total laser tag sales.

It is important to note that this was a very scientific test because the management, staff, marketing, arcade, food and guest experiences were equal. Both arenas were located within the same entertainment center.

The most important step in this process occurred when we decided to turn our 6,900 square foot single level arena into a giant 9,200 square foot multi-level laser tag arena. If you were expecting the sales of our new giant multi-level arena to increase dramatically, you were right. Sales in our giant multi-level arena are now 5 to 10 times the sales volume of the small multi-level arena and growing.

Overall sales for our laser tag attractions increased from $700,000 in sales with one large single level arena to over $850,000 with the original single level and new multi-level arena. Sales increased again to over $920,000 in laser tag sales when we turned our single level arena into a giant multi-level arena.

By converting our laser tag experiences to multi-level our laser tag sales increased by $220,000 dollars and we insured our continued domination of laser tag in our market area. The increase in sales volume proves that by "doing it right the first time" you will generate higher revenues. There is an increase in costs up front to do it right the first time, but rent, utilities and taxes stay the same.

Another unique feature to our standard multi-level arenas is that we add approximately 1/3 of usable space to the arena. Your rent stays the same and you get 1/3 more space. This allows you to add more players and generate more revenue within the same space.

Based on the above, we hope you can see why doing a large multi-level arena the first time is so critical. We could have lost well over 50% of our sales volume in the first year if a competitor opened a large multi-level arena in our market area. This would have put our entertainment center out of business. We have seen other single level laser tag operations put out of business by new multi-level laser tag competitors, but it was hard to quantify the true effect because there were so many other factors to consider.

The competitive advantages of operating a large multi-level arena are one of the many reasons why we are now requiring all of our new LASERTRON Developers to follow the 10.5 Key Elements of the Professional Laser Tag Operator.

The failure rate of all new businesses is very telling. Within 5 years of opening a new business 80% of all startups go out of business. In 10 years the number climbs to 95%. To be point blank, 95 out of 100 businesses fail before their 10th anniversary. It is important to note that the failure rate of LASERTRON operators is significantly less than the failure rate of new businesses. We work very hard to provide all of our clients and developers with best management and operational systems possible.

We know we canat guarantee every one of our clients success, but we believe it is our responsibility to maintain the highest standards possible. This is the only way we can help you insure your long-term success.

If you donat have the ability to do it right the first time you shouldnat do it. Remember, LASERTRONas sole purpose is to find the very best laser tag operators who will build the very best laser tag experiences possible. If a current or future LASERTRON developer opens a laser tag center in any given market area, you can be assured that we will be helping them to do it right the first time.

Over the past few years, interest in building laser tag facilities has increased dramatically. Even in smaller markets, you may not be the only laser tag arena in town. Based on this fact, you must "Do It Right the First Time" to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Imagine investing your life savings into a laser tag facility or adding a laser tag attraction to your existing entertainment center only to find out someone else is building a significantly better laser tag facility just down the road. Itas happening more and more every day...

Please donat set yourself up to be one of the 95% who fail. Do whatever it takes to "Do it Right the First Time" or donat do it at all.

When you are interested in finding out more about how LASERTRON can make your Mult-Level Arena dreams a reality, please contact a member of Your Advisement Team.

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