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LASERTRON Professional Sales and Support Advisor

Jim Kessler

Founder / CEO of LASERTRON.
(800) 897-8766 Ext. 106

As the Founder / CEO of LASERTRON, I have over 24 years of experience in the development of large multi-participant attractions and the management and operation of an entertainment center that operates multiple attractions.

LASERTRON was incorporated in September 1986.

I supervised the design and development of the LASERTRON LT-1 laser tag game system. The first game system was developed over a two-year period. Our company has since developed several generations of LASERTRON equipment. The LASERTRON LT-12 is our current laser tag system. The LASERTRON LT-12 has the best warranty in the industry and is by far the most reliable, durable and advanced laser tag system available.

In 1987, we purchased the land for our LASERTRON entertainment center in Amherst, New York (a suburb of Buffalo). I was responsible for supervising the construction of the LASERTRON building and four subsequent expansions. I oversaw the grand opening of our entertainment center in December 1988 and was responsible for overseeing the development of our management, operational and maintenance systems as well as our sales and marketing programs. I continue to work with our management, maintenance and marketing team to continuously improve and refine our business model.

Over the years our LASERTRON entertainment center expanded to 4 acres. Our main building is 21,000 square feet and we have a large outdoor electric go-kart track with a large outdoor patio. Indoors we have a 9,200 square foot multi-level laser tag arena, two Cyber Sport courts, general seating party area, private party room, snack bar and arcade.

Our LASERTRON entertainment center is very successful and has been operating for over 27 years. Our center operates the oldest continuously operating laser tag arena in North America at over 27 years. The LASERTRON entertainment center has held over 15,000 birthday parties and groups in the last 5 years alone.

We decided in 1992 to begin selling our LASERTRON game system to other operators. We began attending trade shows such as IAAPA, Fun Expo, ASI, RSA (Roller Skating), and Bowl Expo (Bowling).

Over the years our company participated in several different ventures and the development of new attractions and amusement products within the entertainment industry. We learned many things from these experiences some good and some bad. In 2001 we began to refine our company's core focus based on these learning experiences.

We came to understand that our team was really good at two things.

The first thing we were really good at was designing, developing, manufacturing, and servicing the clients who invest in our multi-participant interactive attractions for the "out of home" entertainment market. The second thing we were really good at was managing, operating, maintaining and marketing our own entertainment center.

All of our resources are now focused on these two areas.

As we continue to expand our knowledge of how to manage, operate, maintain and promote our attractions within our own entertainment centers, we make this knowledge available to all of our existing clients and developers through our educational conference programs.

Great success can only occur in our lives when our thoughts, words, and actions are focused and in balance with the goals we choose. With this understanding LASERTRON is committed to being the very best it can be.

Excellence can be attained, if we...

Care more than others think is wise.
Risk more than others think is safe.
Dream more than others think is possible.
Focus more than others think is reasonable.
Trust more than others think is practical.

Over the years I have been involved with various trade associations such as the International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry (IALEI). The mission of IALEI was to assist owners and managers of entertainment centers to be more successful and profitable by providing bottom-line-impacting services and information.

I was on the board of directors of IALEI for several years as well as the Executive Committee. I was elected to 2nd Vice President and then 1st Vice President during my involvement on the Board. IALEI recently merged with IAAPA (The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). IAAPA has stepped forward and committed significant resources to developing and supporting the services required by its entertainment center members.

I have written several articles and been interviewed by multiple trade magazines within the entertainment industry. I have spoken at several entertainment industry conferences, seminars and tradeshows. I am also one of the main speakers at our LASERTRON conference program which is provided as an ongoing service to our existing clients and developers.

For more information on our products and our company, I recommend that you visit our Advisement Team page for an advisor in your area. Just give them a call and they will be glad to answer your questions. Each representative has first-hand knowledge of operating a successful LASERTRON attraction. We can provide you with the knowledge that will get your project off to a smooth and successful beginning.

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