Top Five Myths Of Laser Tag Marketing

By Jason Bock

1. There is no guarantee of a honeymoon period.

It has been commonly thought that opening a new entertainment venue would mean a period of high sales that slowly tapered off. This is the honeymoon effect in laser tag marketing. It's just doesn't happen that way!

You may have great sales during your opening, but you probably won't. However, you can do very well using the grand opening plans outlined in my manual for the Laser Tag Manufacturer's and Suppliers Association, Grand Opening Magic..

Like any business, you can expect to grow for extended periods of time especially if you provide outstanding service, create smart marketing plans and continue to reinvest in your business.

Not having a "honeymoon" is actually a benefit. The flip slide of the honeymoon was the slide into sales obscurity. But, many laser tag centers top their previous year's sales, year after year. If you are a successful laser tag marketer, you will too!

2. Build It and They Will Come.

Great for the movies, but not in the real world. Despite all the money you have invested in your laser tag center, family entertainment center or other location based entertainment, nobody out in the public cares. You can't rest on your laurels. You have to market and market well to survive and flourish.

3. You're in the laser tag or entertainment business.

That may be the service you provide, but if you want to stay in business, you must be in the marketing business. Laser tag marketing doesn't mean sales or advertising, although that's a part of it. Laser tag and entertainment marketing means looking at your entire operation as a means to do one thing: generate profitable sales while you and your customers have a great time.

4. This or That marketing tactic doesn't work.

While not everything works everywhere, most of the marketing you do will have an effect eventually. The problem is, most laser tag and entertainment operators pull the plug on a new strategy or campaign before it has had a chance to work. Stick with your marketing plans for the long term.

5. Laser tag and location based entertainment (LBE) facilities are all about birthday parties.

Birthday parties are a huge part of your business. But if you are not actively pursuing groups, then you are missing half of the laser tag pie. Marketing to groups is the number one way to boost your sales and profits.

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