Free Buffalo Visit

We would like to extend an open invitation to all prospective professional laser tag operators to visit our LASERTRON "Interactive Entertainment Center" in Buffalo, New York. Click here to see our Center's web site.

We have had the opportunity to provide many in-depth tours of our entertainment center. We enjoy taking the time to share our knowledge and experience with future professional laser tag operators. Our goal is to provide as much assistance as possible to help insure your long-term success.

Unfortunately no laser tag manufacturer can provide you with a radius protection that will protect you from another laser tag operator opening in your area.

Based on this fact, we decided to focus all of our resources on providing the best overall laser tag equipment, arenas, and services for professional high-end laser tag operators.

We also provide you with the best management and operational systems, along with ongoing training and networking opportunities. We do this to insure the success of your LASERTRON laser tag center.

Let's face it, losing your entire business because you failed to do it right the first time is a heavy price to pay. Our goal is to help you do it right the first time. This is the only way to insure your ability to dominate your market area.

Below are two interviews with developers and potential operators who visited our center.

Derek Whitner and Tony Pactong traveled from the Atlanta, GA, area to visit with us December 17-18, 2004. Here is the account of their visit.

When Derek was asked to describe the importance of the information they gained from the visit this is what he had to say,

"The information that Tony and I gained during our weekend visit to Buffalo will be invaluable in determining the right way to set up our business. I was able to speak with the facility managers and get a real idea of what it takes to make things happen on a busy night. This information is not available in the brochures, not something you can get from just going in and playing a game. This experience solidified my thought process and allowed me to answer any questions that I had and some that I hadn't thought about until I viewed the facility."

You visited LASERTRON on a fairly busy Friday night and for a few hours on Saturday...would you recommend others visit these days and what was gained from seeing how those times were managed?

"If you are going to visit, you must seek out those peak times to see how a well run facility should operate. Friday had over 400 people scheduled to play. Saturday started off with a 10AM party of 40. It went so smoothly. You really got to see how the process works as we followed a party from reservation to the actual party.

I think the facility is run like a well oiled machine, and I know that this didn't take place overnight. You have found the perfect management team mixed in with a few experienced workers and it was like clockwork."

How would you describe the associates of LASERTRON that you met during your visit?

All the associates were very professional and were able to answer all of our questions."

This is what Tony had to say about the different areas of the facility:

Everything was in neat working order. The arenas were the best arenas that I have played in. The bathrooms were in great condition at 10pm at night and the place was packed. The lobby area is well lit and you use the space wisely. The birthday area was clean, nice set up, and very efficient use of space. In the arcade we did notice that all of the games were operational and the area was clean."

What would you rank as the most important aspect of your visit and why?

The most important aspect of our visit was seeing the back office operation of how a laser tag facility is run. This gave us a more realistic outlook on what I would be in for in terms of what it really takes to make laser tag a successful part of our entertainment facility."

Derek was asked if he or Tony would come back to attend a Professional Laser Tag Operators Conference and why?

Yes, I wouldn't miss the conference if you plan on opening a facility why not take advantage of all of your resources. These guys have been doing this for 16 years. I don't want to recreate the wheel. I just want to get it rolling and they have the knowledge to show me how."

Brad Little and Geo Claros visited our LASERTRON entertainment center Friday and Saturday, March 19th and 20th 2004.

When Brad Little was asked how he would rank their overall visit to Buffalo, he had the following to say,

Well on a scale from 1 being poor to 5 being superb, I'd have to say it was an 8. It was a perfect visit. We left feeling like we should be there another week to get more answers so we could absorb as much information as possible. I actually went on the LASERTRON website when I got back and looked at everyone's picturesa|now I can say that I know this person or this one and it feels comfortable, the familiarity of knowing everyone is great.

It topped our expectationsa|as good as I thought it was going to be, it was even better."
The staff was incredible, wonderful, great attitudes, gave us a model of what type of employees we need to have. They were all genuinely nice, we were impressed with the maturity level of the employees, they all knew what their jobs were, everyone was well trained, energetic, friendly, knew their roles and did it exceptionally well. We never even felt like we were intruding while we were observing. Everything was under control.

We can't imagine anyone opening a laser tag facility and not going to Buffalo to observe and learn how it needs to be run. Having the opportunity to be 'behind the scenes' was very important to us. The operation runs extremely smooth. One of the main reasons we went, was to see how a busy Saturday is runa|we were able to see the preparation and what it takes to make it all work successfully."

When Brad Little was asked to comment on LASERTRON's two laser tag arenas, our Multi-level Adventure arena and our then single-level Sport arena, he had this to say,

I was surprised to see how small the Multi-Level (Adventure) arena was, since Jim is big on size of the arena, but after seeing what space they had to work with we know the space is being put to the best use possible. Once you do the expansion we can't wait to see what you do! The Sport Arena was the largest arena I have ever been in! And really fun."

An important note, we remodeled our Single-level Sport arena, which was 6,800 square feet, into a 9,000+ square foot Multi-level Sport arena in November 2004. Our arena is now the largest arena in the northeast.

Our current Multi-level Adventure arena is small at about 3,300 square feet. We consider this size to be too small to dominate a laser tag market area. This arena was our second arena and we added it to replace another attraction that wasn't performing well. We had also reached capacity in our larger Sport arena during our peak season. The second arena allowed us to significantly increase our overall laser tag revenue.

Brad Little summarized his visit by saying the following,

The whole experience from corporate to the LASERTRON store was great. We had a great time. Ann and Jim made us feel comfortable, we never felt like we were imposing. Paul and Larry were great, I would give anything to have them-I'd love to talk Jim into letting me have one of them. If you weren't going with LASERTRON and went to visit their site you would definitely think twice. My enthusiasm is tripled now. Both Geo and I came away knowing we made the right decision to go with LASERTRON"

When asked if he would attend our conference program, Brad said,

I would definitely attend a Professional Laser Tag Conference. And I would certainly recommend other prospective laser tag operators to visit as well"

If you visit our LASERTRON "Interactive Entertainment Center" in Buffalo, New York, we will deduct your travel expenses off your investment in a LASERTRON laser tag game system (up to $1,000 dollars).

For additional details or to setup a visit, please contact Your Advisement Team.