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"After 5 Years of Conferences, I still find the material fresh, relevant, and informative. Look forward to attending every year, just wish they would send me in July!"
- Aaron Bos
"Lots of excellent and helpful information. I would have to say attending the conference has given me more motivation and determination to start a FEC in our area. Lots of great networking with people who were honest and willing to share not only the good and upsides of the business."
- Camara Buckles
"Hope for the best, Plan for the worse. This was an excellent conference. I learned a lot. I was inspired by all."
-Shaun Buckles
"The management part of the conference was excellent! The whole conference exceeded my expectations! This conference is a must!"
- Ashley Callihan
"Insightful information pertinent to those looking to enter the industry or existing operators wanting to further their knowledge base."
- Cassidy Cook
"This conference made it clear to me that FEC is a group effort of knowledge from other operators."
- Dexter Craig
"The conference gave me the ideas and information to make the decision to open my own facility"
-Tom Drew
"The amount of individual time spent with me by the LaserTron team was key in answering the most difficult questions concerning the planning /development of a new LaserTron facility."
- Dave Herr
"The conference gave me a better understanding of key points of managing an FEC."
-Brendan Huhn
"It was Groovy!"
- Rick Iceberg
"Excellent forum to learn, share, and maximize profits!"
- Alan Kumpf
"The conference helped me understand what it takes to run a successful FEC. I did not know what all was a part of the industry."
- Chris Lamb
"The information I gathered will influence several major decisions we are making"
- Mike Moss
"This was my third Operators Conference as I've become more involved in the entertainment industry and I always come away with invaluable information. I would suggest that anyone involved in the industry make the trip at least once."
- Larry Murphy
"The conference contained outstanding hosts, informative, great speakers, and attendees with a desire to learn, share, and help- Excellent!!! Thanks."
-Mark Nesfeder
"The most important aspect of any organization isa|its people! LaserTron's staff, from the owners down to the hourly paid staff- has been tremendously courteous and helpful!"
- Mark Picard
"Service was above and beyond by all!"
- Bill Poss
"It's enlightening to attend the conference and hear about different ideas from FEC's across the country. It puts our own ideas into perspective and helps us grow."
-Sara Sandhaus
"LaserTron is a key partner to our operation. They are truly concerned about helping us grow our business."
- Tony Tallarico
"The conference was extremely informative in helping us make decisions for developing and converting our existing bowling center into an FEC. The additional speakers were just as advantageous. Thanks for a great time!"
- Sheri Thompson
"As a new member of the management team, I found the conference extremely helpful in the areas of laser tag and management that I feel I should work on. Overall a wonderful experience."
- Anna Wu
The Conference other Laser Tag Manufacturers and Arena Suppliers DON'T want you to attend!

LASERTRON is the ultimate "Triple Threat" when it comes to providing you with the very best aturnkey' laser tag experiences. No other laser tag manufacturer or arena supplier can provide you with a better laser tag game system, arena and operational resources. Several say they can, but when you get down to the all-important specifics they all come up short.

LASERTRON will provide you with the best turnkey laser tag equipment, arena and operational resources that seamlessly work together to help ensure your success.

The best way for you to see and experience the value that we offer is by attending our LASERTRON Entertainment Center Conference.

First, our conference will give you the opportunity to experience the most advanced laser tag game system in the world. No other laser tag system is as advanced and no other system has the unique and intense playing experiences that the LASERTRON LT-12 system will provide your customers for years to come.

Secondly, you will be able to experience our LASERTRON game system in the coolest 100% LED illuminated arena in the world. Only LASERTRON can provide you with the most advanced modular and reconfigurable arena components that are fully compatible with our advanced LED arena lighting system. Our unique arena components enable you to easily reconfigure your arena over time and give you the ability to easily add new components or create new obstacles and tower structures. We develop one to two new arena components every year and each one is designed to interconnect with all of our existing components.

Finally, you will be able to learn how and why our management and operational systems work. More importantly, you will be able to see them in action for yourself. The systems used in our high-volume entertainment center allow us to operate one of the highest grossing laser tag arenas in the world.

In addition, you will be able to see how our unique management and operational systems work in our multi-attraction entertainment center, which has a large 9,200 square foot LASERTRON LED arena and uses our LT-12 game system, (2) Cyber Sport courts, outdoor go-kart track, 27-holes of outdoor mini-golf, arcade, snack bar and a full bar. See our center here,

Our LASERTRON Center Manager Pro POS system manages our entire center. Our POS system is a very important part of our success.

We developed our POS over many years and continue to add new features that improve the control and performance of each of our revenue generators as well as collecting vital information on our customers.

This information is collected using our LASERTRON Kiosk Software System. To date, we have collected over 100,000 emails and use them to promote new and existing offers for our center every month.

  • Learn the reasons why we operate one of the highest grossing laser tag centers in the world
  • At LASERTRON's Conference you will experience a real working facility. This is not a showroom or warehouse tour.
  • At the LASERTRON Conference you can play multiple types of games in a 9,200 sq. ft multi-level LED Illuminated Arena with the most advanced laser tag system on the market.
  • See for yourself why LASERTRON has never had our LT-11 or LT-12 laser tag system swapped out by any competitor after 11+ years of having those systems on the market. No other laser tag manufacturer can say the same for their system.
  • Our conference is NOT a trade show-type environment. We focus on educating you on the critical management and operational systems and giving you multiple opportunities to have fun and socialize with existing LASERTRON operators.
  • The LASERTRON Conference was the first of its kind in the industry and remains the best source of cutting-edge information for over 12 years.
  • You will learn why existing LASERTRON Operators come back to our conference again and again.
  • New speakers and topics at every conference.
  • LASERTRON won't nickel-and-dime you. Our conference is free and always has been.
  • Our team is your team. LASERTRON's team combined has over 150 plus years of managing entertainment centers. We have operated our own entertainment center for over 26 years!
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The Curriculum:
Management Leadership Systems
  1. No Excuses (Be Solution Oriented)
  2. Team Building - Get the Right People on Your Team
  3. Develop the Right Knowledge and Experience
  4. Focus on the Right Things
  5. Persistence to Stay Focused on the Right Things
  6. Tap Into Everyone's Experience and Knowledge
  7. Change when the Evidence is Clear (Listen to the Market Place)
  8. Provide the Right Tools to Succeed for the Right People on Your Team
  9. Decisive Decision-Maker Tools
  10. Quarterly Management & Staff Evaluations for Staff Members & Management
  11. Quarterly Accomplishments, Assigned Projects, Education, Team Assists
  12. Daily Actions of Management
  13. Planning "The most important question to ask everyday is the following:"
  14. Courage and Commitment to stay focused and "Make It Happen"
Operational Systems
  1. Site Selection
  2. Entertainment Center Layout
  3. Systems for Creating and Delivering the Best Products and Guest Experiences
  4. Hiring and Training Systems
  5. Maintenance Systems
  6. Guest Service Systems
  7. Guest Feedback Systems
  8. Implement a Bonus or Incentive System for Management and Staff
  9. Marketing and Sales Systems
  10. Information and Accounting Systems
  11. Capital Investment and Capital Reinvestment Systems
Special Guest Speakers Confirmed For the July Conference

Mike Cairns
Live Oak Bank

Sheryl Golf

O. Lee Mincey

Jason Mitchell
Intercard Inc.

Our conference is designed so that everyone has the opportunity to learn from existing operators who attend the conference plus industry professionals that we invite to speak on various topics.

We understand that learning from other successful operators is a huge advantage to new prospective operators. Many mistakes can be avoided by listening to successful operators who have already been down the same path. These unique insights help you to grow your business faster and more safely.

Every conference LASERTRON interviews highly successful entertainment center operators to help you learn and capitalize on their real world knowledge and experience.

Jim Kessler the CEO of LASERTRON interviews these select professionals, which have included Neil Hupfauer Founder of Main Event and Rick Iceberg Owner and Founder of CJ Barrymores.

"I am again grateful to Jim and the LaserTron team for its professionalism and hospitality in hosting myself and four new members of our management team at the February 2013 Conference - our crew always comes back energized with great ideas that you have developed and that we can incorporate into our operations. I was personally fascinated with Jim and Neil's "fireside chat" discussing Neil's many years of experience in the business - the conversation offered great insights and perspective on how he built a great company that I will use in my business."
- Greg Hughes, Laser Craze

These interviews are one of our top rated sessions due to the amount of valuable and real world information that is shared during these powerful sessions.

The LASERTRON Conference program is so valuable; many of our best LASERTRON operators come back to our conferences year after year. This gives new developers the opportunity to interact with existing clients at each conference.

The LASERTRON Conference could be the most important step you take when building or upgrading your laser tag attraction. Continuing to visit the conferences each year can give you the edge you need in new ideas, methods and information, to make your center one of the very best.

"I was amazed by the detail and professionalism of the LASERTRON conference, it was by far the best laser tag conference I have ever been to."
- Court Huish, Long Time FEC Operator

At the LASERTRON Conference, you'll learn how to get open and how to stay open.

The LASERTRON Conference is the best tool available to share information critical to the success of existing and new operators. At our most recent conferences, existing operators from LASERTRON's 167 locations, comprised about half of all attendees.

"LASERTRON effectively acquires all the best information, organizes it, and presents it in a universal fashion that empowers both existing and potential clients to be successful."
- Jamie Lara, Manager, Luigi's Pizza and Fun Center

Seats are limited for new developers. In order to attend the LASERTRON Conference, you must be pre-qualified by a LASERTRON sales advisor. Being qualified to attend the conference is an important first step in becoming a professional laser tag operator.

The LASERTRON Conference is not only about the critical information you need to open. It covers important topics about what it takes to stay successful for the long-term.

Contact us now to see if you qualify to attend this important event. For additional information contact our sales advisors at

Because of the confidential nature of the materials presented at the LASERTRON Entertainment Center Conference, all qualified attendees of the conference must reserve their seat(s) with their sales advisor prior to attending the conference. All qualified and reserved attendees will be required to show a valid Driver's License or Passport for admission into the conference program.

Read what past attendees had to say about the LASERTRON conference program.