In The Words of Our Conference Attendees

"LASERTRON is the Cadillac. Why would you buy anything but the best?"
- Bill Poss, Sr., Owner, Luigi's Pizza and Fun Center
"LASERTRON effectively acquires all the best information, organizes it, and presents it in a universal fashion that empowers both existing and potential clients to be successful."
- Jamie Lara, Manager, Luigi's Pizza and Fun Center
"I was amazed at the amount of information I was able to take away from this seminar. It was time very well spent."
- Ryan Lisee, GM/VP of Human Resources, Franco's Xtreme Laser Tag
"The LASERTRON staff is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to their product and consumers. They will go out of the way to make sure your laser tag experience is the best in family entertainment."
- Josh Kraft, Laser Tag Manager, Ice Sports Forum
"I am extremely excited to be able to bring more staff members to the April conference."
- Lisa Maloney, Director of Hugging and Marketing, XP LASERSPORT
"LASERTRON is a one-stop shop for the lazer tag experience."
- Edward Rodarte, Director of Sales and Marketing, Lazerstar
"The LASERTRON conference offers existing and potential operators all of the benefits of a franchise system without any of the costs."
- Brad Robinson, President, Frozen Pond Investments, LLC
"As a first time attendee, I cannot say enough about how impressed I am by this conference. The staff was extremely knowledgeable, sincere and a pleasure to work with, from the employees who served our food to the conference facilitators. Great job all the way around. Thanks for everything."
- Danielle Robinson, Director of Human Resources, Frozen Pond Investments, LLC
"This conference provided yet another value added service that makes LASERTRON a cut above all laser tag systems."
- Vincent Candelora, Owner, Connecticut Sportsplex
"When you purchase a LASERTRON system, it's like joining a family business. They help you in all aspects of running your business. "
- Sal Candelora, Owner, Connecticut Sportsplex
"The LASERTRON Conference is an experience that you must attend in order to truly appreciate the benefits that are ongoing!"
- Veronica Strouse, Owner, Lazer Skate Play Palace
"The enthusiasm shown by both the staff and other operators solidified our decision to work with LASERTRON."
- Oriane Rembalsky, Owner, Rembalsky Financial Group
"Thanks for the friendly hospitality."
- Jimmy Paulsen
"Well designed layout and professional coverage. "
- Chris Bloyed
"I was amazed by the detail and professionalism of the LASERTRON conference, it was by far the best laser tag conference I have ever been to. "
- Court Huish, Long Time FEC Operator
"Attending this conference should be vital step in deciding whether or not to invest in laser tag."
- Art Robles
"The bar that LASERTRON has set is hard to match, let alone exceed."
- Judith Zavala, Partner, Evelyn Entertainment
"I came to this conference with high expectations and I feel that LASERTRON met those expectations. "
- Christy Chernik
"James remembers everything ie. He said "We have orange juice without the pulp" Now not only do I get to choose from OJ, Apple Juice, and Hot Chocolate. As usual your staff goes way and beyond the expected to deliver service."
- Lisa Maloney, XP LASERSPORT
"This conference was packed full of information of interest to new and potential laser tag and FEC owners. It was professionally presented and brought up much information I had not thought of and changed my opinions on other topics."
- Ruth Masters, Vermont Laser Tag Adventures
"They always exceed my expectations!"
- Marc Mueller, Owner, XP LASERSPORT
"LASERTRON is a growing organization that truly focuses on quality and the details that make a business stand out in today's competitive environment."
- Bob Switalski, General Manager, Fun'N Stuff
"I gained some great information. The workbook was a great help. Thank you."
- - Susan Chiffy
"I believe the conference was excellent for people looking at opening a laser tag facility or have just opened one. I was very impressed at how LASERTRON 'Does it Right' from your staff(Awesome) to your product(Terrific) to your philosophy. I feel you guys get it done! Thank you."
- Alan Tucker, Operations Manager, Tricorp Amusements
"Excellent program and a credit to LASERTRON for continuing to build and enhance the program. Great starter or refresher program. Thanks."
- Bill Carlson, Profit Sense Consultants
"The conference was very helpful and informative. I had a great time and would like to come back one day."
- Heather Gutierrez, Assistant Manager, Space City Laser Tag
"Excellent Conference. Shows why LASERTRON is the leader!"
- Rick Olson, Manager Luigi's Pizza and Fun Center
"I had the best time ever playing laser tag. I also enjoyed the conference way more than I thought I would; and I felt like I learned a lot."
- Tosha Simmons, General Manager, Space City Laser Tag
"The ability to interact with all types of operators was invaluable. I learned more from their actual experiences. The support that LASERTRON offers is endless."
- Chris Hammel, Assistant General Manager, Ice Sports Forum
"The knowledge shared at the operators' conference is invaluable. This event would greatly assist any operator or developer to succeed."
- Karl Ross, Owner, LASERDOME
"The whole LASERTRON team teaches by example what good service and professionalism are. They go the extra mile to make everyone feel great through the whole conference and maximize the experience."
- Genevieve McCormick
"TREMENDOUS, It's all here - the what, the how, the when. A definite must for any operator or prospective operator."
- Robert McCormick
"The conference allows me to look at LASERDOME from the outside. I then go back more motivated to make positive changes."
- Jessica Ross, Director Sales and Marketing, LASERDOME
"The information presented and the LASERTRON staff behavior was excellent for anyone interested in the operation of a FEC or laser tag facility. It was a topnotch experience!!"
- Tamara Thivierge
"The LASERTRON staff are the big fish in the sea showing the new guys how to survive...THANK YOU!"
- Romarie Quinones, Manager, Laser Flash
"Very comforting to know I can get in touch with knowledgeable operators - success is implied."
- Kathy Henderson, General Manager, Laser Tag of Lincoln
"Impressive. I think this conference is wonderful and I am thrilled that I get to work and learn with the leaders in the industry. You guys are awesome! Thanks LASERTRON."
- Kristi Cook, Operator, Renaissance Fun Center
"The large arena is the best arena I have seen after viewing 18 facilities so far. My bet is it is the best in the world. The facility itself is the best facility I have seen, hands down."
- Rick Sharp, Vermont Laser Tag Adventures
"High quality equipment from a company that stands behind their products."
- Jackie Johnson, Owner, Jaergerz, Kansas City, MO
"This conference should be required of anyone considering a laser tag attraction or center. The material is presented in a professional and informative manner. It is nice to see a company that takes such a personal pride in the business that they run." - Brad Robinson, President, Richmond Ice Zone "The information given to us is imperative to not just opening a laser tag facility or FEC but staying open."
- Eric Gaizat, Partner, Indy Fun Ventures
"The candor and clarity of the speakers was refreshing. They didn't try to sell it - they told me how to run laser tag. Excellent."
- Mike McCormack, Technician, Skandia Family Fun Center
"This is a great way for potential operators to gain insight and for existing ones to continue the quest for excellence."
- Bill Hoefler, Owner, Interskate 91
"Even if you don't use LASERTRON or have laser tag, the subjects that were discussed are very beneficial to any FEC operator."
- Mitch Kuc, Manager, Insterskate 91
"The folks at LASERTRON do it right every time!"
- Brad Robinson, President, Skate Nation Plus
"We made the switch to LASERTRON for our next location. The LASERTRON team will help us achieve our goals and take us to the next level."
- Franco Carofano, Owner & Operator, Franco's Xtreme Laser Tag
"Sharing your success has inspired me to strive for my own success!"
- Andi Boivin, Operations Manager, Tricorp Amusements
"The thing I liked the best was interacting with the LASERTRON staff. They are always available to answer questions."
- Eric Farmer, Technician, Boondocks Fun Center
"My visit to the LASERTRON conference exceeded my expecations in more than one way. I was amazed on how much information I took, and will return to our staff with. The conference organized skills were top performance."
- Michelle Kosztala, Shift Manager/Promotions Director, Franco's Xtreme Laser Tag
"If you need a boost, go to the conference."
- Adam Dabaja, Manager, Lazer Skate Play Palace
"LASERTRON always delivers as promised. It doesn't get any better than this."
- Brad Little, Assistant Manager, Hey Day Entertainment
"Great systems in place."
- Jamie Plasterer, Owner, Carlisle Sports Emporium
"I wish you had this conference in 1996. While I'm at it, I wish you had your new POS system in 1996. Bravo! If you want to open a center with less stress, in less time, and save money, you should come to the conference and do it right the first time."
- Marc Epstein, Owner, Lazer Park
"Everyone is most helpful and friendly!"
- Tammy Hamrick, Manager
"With the purchase of the LT-11 system, our growth has been incredible, beyond belief."
- Paul Morris, General Manager & Partner, LASERPORT
"The conference allowed me to run my dreams through a reality filter. I now think that I have a better idea of what the business is about."
- Gary Cordy
"Excellent - this has helped me rethink my business strategy and gave me ideas for completely different businesses that I currently own and operate."
- Jeff Deangelis
"James, Ann, Cathy, Jason, and John I felt did an exceptional job!"
- Russ Baker
"The conference was very informative for those beginning a new business. It also seemed like there was good information for existing business owners (not just laser tag)."
- - Terrie Adams
"A must attend program for operators thinking about a laser tag operation or an existing operator refreshing their knowledge."
- Harold Skripsky
"LASERTRON has put together a well put together and thought out product that could only happen by starting from scratch at the bottom. You have made my enthusiasm for your product all that much more. Because you have worked out the bugs and the wrinkles through your growth, I am more confident in opening my own arena."
- Jesse Lindemann
"Jim Kessler is the Walt Disney of laser tag. LASERTRON is the Hertz of laser tag manufacturers. Zone is Avis. The others are Budget, Thrifty, etc."
- Rick Sharp, Vermont Laser Tag Adventures
"The information and wealth of knowledge from everyone involved is AWESOME! (well worth the weather!)"
- Amy Lindemann
"A professional presentation of LASERTRON's successful operation from A to B."
- Marc Epstein, Owner, Lazer Park
"Very informative and very well done."
- Peter Conner, Partner, Evelyn Entertainment
"My third conference and once again I will return to Boston with more valuable knowledge."
- Greg Hughes, Owner, LazerZone
"This conference is ESSENTIAL for anyone considering opening a Family Entertainment Center."
- Joe Chernik
"What other seminar can you go to and get so much information about learning about opening and operating a business without paying for it."
- Pauline Joyner
"This conference demonstrates LASERTRON's committment to the success of their customers."
- Paul Henigin, Owner, Lazerstar
- Vladimir Apsoly
"Great sounding board. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, they'll give it to you. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center benefits from this conference because you understand where you're losing $$$ and where to make more."
- Michelle Brown, Vice President of Marketing, The Zone
"As always, LASERTRON gave a professional presentation on all the points that a start-up needs to succeed. The conference enables the operator to rethink what is important away from the unimportant daily problems."
- Marc Epstein, Owner, Lazer Park

"The incentive bonus plan and basically your management seem excellent. This information was very helpful, especially to those of us who have not managed a business before."
- Shelly Gaetz
"In two days we accomplished more that we thought possible in planning for our new facility."
- Jennifer Gatton, Marketing Director
"The conference is what every new operator needs to be successful."
- Mark Hillman, President, The Zone
"I was impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and hospitality of the LASERTRON staff. We've been shopping for our laser tag vendor and this conference has definitely solidified our decision to go with LASERTRON. I would highly recommend this conference for anyone looking for a complete turnkey solution. Just amazing!! Thank You!!"
- Mike Jeffers
- Robert Jefferson, Project Manager
"An existing laser tag or family entertainment center will benefit in all ways from this conference. New ideas and interaction with others is always helpful."
- Richard Krause, RCV Investments
"It's great to see how LASERTRON runs their operations. This can be applied to my existing Fun Center. Thanks guys! Tons of info on all aspects of running any related FEC or service business. Good food and hospitality. "
- Brian Leentjes, Owner, The Castle Fun Center
"This conference was very informative and had all the information I needed to open and operate a laser tag facility."
- Jennfier Padgett, Public Relations Manager
"The leadership team was well-prepared. They were very honest and knowledgeable. This will lead to the success of many people who attend these conferences. You guys have your act together!"
- Jay Perillo, Program Director, Circle C Ranch
"Thank you for an outstanding conference! The information provided was excellent and will be invaluable to me in evaluating this opportunity. Congratulations to LASERTRON on the knowledge and enthusiasm displayed by your staff. I not only learned a lot, but I had a great time! Thanks!"
- Jim Salmon
"I thought the conference was put on very professionally and helpful."
- Cheyenne VanHoof, Vice President
"Thank you for your time. Your whole staff is excellent."
- Dave Wicker
"Had an awesome time. It's like LASERTRON planned a conference that was tailored to everyone's needs and concerns. Expect to see me back."
- David Willeford, Operations Manager
"Extremely professional. Disney would be impressed with the level of commitment and attention to detail."
- Gary D. Bonnewell
"An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by learning how to move to the next level of customer service and how a force of will style management can get people to believe that laser tag can be a stand alone experience. IE: Illusion of Perfection."
- Tom England, Owner, NEB's Fun World
"This was a great conference for me. It helped me to make critical decisions about setting up my business."
- Fred Daniels, Board Member, Center City Sports Plex
"LASERTRON spoon feeds their successful operational systems learned from 17 years of trial and error."
- Marc Epstein, Owner, Lazer Park
"The knowledge and information allotted to the attendees by LASERTRON was superior. The available collaboration with other operators was very worthwhile. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by staying up to date on new programs/ideas."
- Kyle Stoudenmire, Manager, Frankie's Fun Park
"An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by getting ideas from other operators to enhance their center."
- Beau Venturino, Operations Manager, Funfest Entertainment Center
"You never know where you find a new sales increase"
- Rich Schlager, Technician, Funfest Entertainment Center
"As Marc Mueller (from XP LASERSPORT) said, 'It's a great whack in the head' to wake us up to continuous improvement."
- Greg Hughes, Owner, Lazerzone
"Any serious operator will continually seek information and systems to "stay ahead" of the rest. This conference is a valuable step to that end. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference as part of an ongoing effort to educate oneself and stay competitive!"
- Bill Hoefler, Owner, Interskate 91
- Rick Milton, Director, Big Apple Fun Center
"Your staff was very friendly and certainly gave 100% to make us feel comfortable."
- Vicki Manuel, Owner, Cosmo City
"Excellent. Provided me with the details of what it takes to run a successful laser tag business."
- Jim Kozloski
"The folks at LASERTRON run a First Class operation and conference. The material covered was very helpful in evaluating a future laser tag attraction."
- Brad Robinson, President, Richmond Ice Zone
"Anyone who hasn't already implemented these practices has much to learn from these conferences."
- Bob Rupholdt, Owner, Planet Laser
"This conference is very refreshing in terms of uncovering new opportunities and providing tools to improve the approach to better serve our clients."
- Carlos Quinones, Partner
"As prospective buyers of a laser package, current clients of LASERTRON had only glowing reviews. As facilities get 'stale' this conference serves to boost knowledge and excitement."
- Mark Steil, Owner
"Very good for first timers."
- Tom Hahn, Owner
"Very efficient and professional - the 'illusion of perfection' is not an illusion."
- Lisa Deemer
"Outstanding Service! The Best Conference I've Attended! There are always new things to learn and I did learn a lot. Thank you!!"
- Charles Catanzaro
"Your staff showed a care and concern about what you're actually doing everyday...running a business."
- Roger Hurick, Managing Partner, Adventure Park- Visalia
"After every conference I return home with several pages of ideas I want to implement."
- Peter Murphy, Owner, Laser Flash
"I've attended your conference five times and each time I'm blown away by how much new information you provide. Keep up the great job!"
- Marc Mueller, Owner, XP LASERSPORT
"I am very satisfied with my experience at the conference. I appreciate all the knowledge and experience that was shared."
- Andy Frame
"Very professional and fun atmosphere geared toward existing and potential operators."
- Gelu Chira
"You continue to provide great service and information."
- Jennifer Kinsey, Renaissance Fun Park
"If you want to be the best, you have to be trained by the best -- and LASERTRON is what we believe will help us reach our goal to be the best. This has been a wonderful experience. I believed that I would hear the same information over and over again. Fortunately, I did not. I have learned many new ideas, experiences, and ways of thinking. I will take this experience and utilize it. Thank you for your dedication and commitment in providing excellent service and products."
- Jennie Davis, General Manager, Lazerstar
"This conference has over 18 years of experience wrapped into 2 days. The mistakes that LASERTRON learned from are corrected for the new and current operators to learn and excel from. LASERTRON has succeeded my expectations AGAIN! This conference will increase your bottom line. Just utilizing a small portion of the conference will make a world of difference."
- Mike Krause, Owner, Lazerstar
"If you are truly interested in growing your business and understanding what it takes to be highly successful, this is a 'must do' if you are a new operator."
- David Bridgwater, Owner, Radical Rick's Race City
"An awesome experience for anyone new to laser tag."
- Jim Beltran, General Manger, Blazin Lazers
"As always, everyone from Jim on down was always ready to answer any and all questions that I had."
- Lisa Maloney, XP LASERSPORT
"Time well used."
- Randy Sligar, Laser Tag Manager, Adventure Park - Visalia
"I felt like going back home after the first presentation as I was extremely motivated."
- Bill Poss, Jr., Operations Manager, Luigi's Pizza and Fun Center
"You learn not only about running a LASERTRON facility, you learn about running a successful business."
- Max Balding, Purchaser & Manager, Luigi's Pizza and Fun Center
"They had me at hello. They had me at hello."
- Franco Carofano, Owner, Franco's Extreme Laser Tag
"Regardless of how long you have been in business, you will learn something you can take home and use at your facility."
- Brian Carlson, Owner, Chautauqua Lasers
"I truly appreciate how everyone again was extremely helpful in helping me attend this meeting and still keep the business profitable. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by actually implementing the information they learned -you never know what one little idea mentioned could bring in unexpected revenues."
- Lisa Maloney, General Manager, XP LASERSPORT
"You have a great business model run by a great team. Definitely a model worth emulating."
- Drew Fullerton
"Fantastic sharing of knowledge and management experience that's been awesome! Thank you. I now feel able to venture forth and support this new business."
- Donnie Fullerton
"The staff at LASERTRON are awesome. They freely share their knowledge and experiences. I want to adopt them all. Centers who have been in business for twenty years will still learn a few 'nuggets' to take home."
- Scott Morrison, President, EDA, Inc.
"A lot of very good detailed information. Staff was really helpful and friendly. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by gaining new ideas, potential solutions for existing problems, and building a support network"
- Sue Morrison, Owner, EDA, Inc.
"A friendly organization of people sharing good and bad experiences and information."
- Jason Morrison, Owner, EDA, Inc.
"Every detail was mentioned. Good food! Great Service! Thank you! Thanks for your honesty! Thanks for your experience and helpful hints!"
- Bill Poss , Owner, Luigi's Pizza and Fun Center
"LASERTRON is the most professional team in the laser tag equipment business and empowers its operators."
- John Gabel, President, Laserport - Altair Entertainment, Inc.
"It was great - Thank you!"
- Rick Herzog, Owner, Putt-N-Fun
"I was impressed with the conference, its presentation and content. I picked up quite a few ideas that I'll be able to pass on to others."
- Frank Price, Founder of Birthday University
"Each speaker was extremely articulate and thorough about the topic being presented. The information received at the conference enables you to embellish management, customer service, and a motivated staff."
- Marsha Lurry
"You can never stop learning and growing - everything changes - owner/operators need to stay current."
- Bonnie Milam, Owner, Stellar Fantasy
"First class."
- Gary Watson
"This conference presented procedures and tools in two days that took me years to develop. I wish this was available to me years ago. The networking was very useful with many success stories."
- Mark Ferris, Director, Nascar Speed Park
"A lot of good information, presented well. It is a very good 'packaged' explanation for someone who may be new to the entertainment business."
- Dan Ryan, General Manager, Nascar Speed Park
"The conference content was a roadmap for success that can be applied to any business venture. Meaningful teambuilding focused on excellence is the formula for greatness. Every aspect of the conference was presented to perfection. It was not an illusion."
- Pam Farlow, Director, Insanity Skate
"The conference exceeded my expectations by a lot. I got so much information not only from the conference but from other attendees. I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism of the entire operation, top to bottom A++++. Ideas from other centers and other people in the industry is extremely beneficial to everyone."
- Aaron Bryan Cook
"For someone that is looking at opening a facility this is a must."
- Kerry Mullins
"Your management, service ideas could help any business."
- Rick Horton
"The conference was very beneficial, LASERTRON as a business is very professional, and the staff was incredible."
- Adam Wood, Manager, Sports Warehouse
"You shared a lot of useful information. Your staff is great and very friendly. I had no idea that there is so much involved with running a laser tag facility. Thank you."
- Chris Stearns, Manager, Sports Warehouse
"The information provided during the two days was incredible. I would recommend this to anyone in the laser tag business or thinking about opening a facility. If you are running a good facility, this conference will make it a great one!"
- Eric Melanson, New Hampshire Laser Tag
"It was like a best friend teaching you how to run a business."
- Chris McClure, Manager, Holiday Lanes
"It was a great learning experience."
- Bill Sluzalis, Owner, The Family Room
"It was a great conference. This conference helps in providing knowledge in all topics that I'm interested in."
- Rose Dao
"Just a professional operation!"
- Justin Gillen
"Extremely well run operation. Managers and employees clearly committed to excellence."
- Kevin Detherage, Thrillseekers Entertainment, LTD
"Critical 'nuts and bolts' for a new operator, essential refresher for the veteran. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by refocusing and re-energizing on tasks we may already know."
- Paul Henigin, Owner, Lazerstar
"Highly informational."
- Dave Wicker
"It surprised me how much personal business info was presented to potential customers and competitors alike."
- Mark Detrick, Owner, Detrick Excavating
"I arrived at the conference with many questions. I was anxious but somewhat ignorant of what I am getting into. I left the conference on overload but with focus! - couldn't wait to get back and get the doors open."
- Curt Monteith
"Once again - it was great!"
- Jennifer Kinsey, Renaissance Fun Park
"Wow, Fantastic, Great Presentations, Very Informative."
- Cecil Ball, General Manager, Renaissance Fun Park
"I've said it before and I'll say it again, you dudes rock."
- Michael McAuliffe, Owner, Lazer Zone
"I came in thinking I knew what I was doing, but now I have the motivation to become better at everything I do. Thanks for the push."
- Tristan Palmer, Manager, Lazer Zone
"After this conference I will be going back to the LASERDOME with a wider view about what it is I commit my life to. It was very useful to meet owners of other places and to see LASERTRON."
- Jamie Ebersole, Manager, LASERDOME
"I had an excellent time. This conference re-opened my eyes on how to do things properly."
- Anthony York, General Manager, LaserTron at Memphis
"If you want to know how to do it right ask the LASERTRON guys. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by refocusing on that which is most important. See the value of the business."
- Ken Long, Marketing & Sales, Valley Worlds of Fun
""Unbelievable! Why reinvent the wheel - they do it all! Just follow their lead!"
- Michelle Long, Marketing & Sales, Valley Worlds of Fun
"This was a great conference that taught me the business aspects of laser tag! This conference will give you new ideas and help make your center better."
- Tammy Redditt, Manager in Training, XP LASERSPORT
"The conference is an excellent resource to jumpstart a new business as well as breathe new life into an already existing business. This conference should be mandatory for everyone in the business! It is clear that LASERTRON definitely sets the standard in the industry."
- Veronica Strause, Owner, Lazer Skate Play Palace
"Your sales' methods were trustworthy. Very good ideas that could be used and could promote a great business. Thank you! An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by keeping the excitement level up with incentives. You showed a superb evidence of organization which would motivate any business."
- Jessica Gibson, Executive Assistant, Lazer Skate Play Palace

"Very informative seminar! I learned a lot about laser tag as well as general management information. An existing laser tag or family entertainment center would benefit from this conference by implementing ways to improve their existing operation."
- Finn Jensen, Vice President/GM, Scandia Family Fun Center
"I feel very confident in LASERTRON and felt I learned a lot."
- Eric Jensen, Vice President, Scandia Family Fun Center
"As a manufacturer/operator you are very outgoing and sharing with companies that have your system. You want us to succeed so you listen and react. It is no illusion that you strive for perfection in all parts of your business. Stay successful."
- Kevin Denny, Sales Manager, Magic Mountain
"The operators' conference is a must for any laser tag operator or prospective owner/operator."
- Mike Elrod, Manager, Laserport
"Very good training tool for operators and future operators."
- Preston Pearcey, Technician, Laserport
"Great conference. I received some good information. I do think that I would like to send our employees (managers) out to the next one....It's nice to have a product that we are confident to have in our operation to give to customers a quality source of entertainment, every time they visit us."
- Jeff Gebhart, Administration, Craig's Cruisers
"Very good info to new operators. It's great to see LASERTRON aggressively helping others in the industry while its competitors are closing."
- Gordon Osborn, Administration/Marketing, Craig's Cruisers
"This was a great experience. It's so nice being able to get other ideas and thoughts from other operators. I recommend all entertainment owners and operators to attend."
- Mike Davis, Manager, Craig's Cruisers
"The conference is perfect for the laser tag operator who 'thinks' he knows it all."
- Marc Epstein, Owner, Lazer Park
"The conference opened my eyes and showed me how to simplify many of our processes that were unknowingly complicated."
- John Mariotti, Assistant Manager, Lazer Park
"LASERTRON has helped me take my business to the next level. They have provided help I never imagined would come from a manufacturer of equipment."
- Karl Ross, Owner, LASERDOME
"This conference will recharge Karl and myself. We will be more motivated to work more efficiently."
- Jessica Protz, Marketing, LASERDOME
"Good forum for exchanging of ideas."
- Jeff Burroughs, Games Manager, Main Event
- Michael McAuliffe, Owner, LazerZone
"Very Good! Wish we could bring all of our managers."
- Gregory Hughes, Owner, LazerZone
"LASERTRON's service is the best in the industry. LASERTRON cares about the growth and prosperity of the operator."
- Mike Krause, Owner, Lazerstar
"It's quite amazing the wealth of information that LASERTRON offers to share with its fellow operators. Some of this info is priceless!"
- Brian Carlson, President, Chautauqua Lasers
"Very professional, these guys know what they're doing."
- Phil DeSantis, Manager, Chautauqua Lasers
"Very educational, great staff."
- Shawn Dohl, Assistant Manager, Chautauqua Lasers
"I enjoyed your conference very much. I thought your topics were very helpful on making our Chautauqua Lasers even better."
- Vanessa Smith, Technician, Chautauqua Lasers
"Family Entertainment is serious business. We at the Recreation Station are proud of the affiliation and professionalism of the entire LASERTRON company and family."
- Bruce Glorsky, Owner, Recreation Station
"Best and most informative conference I've been to!"
- David Brown, Manager, Recreation Station
"I honestly think with the workbook this was one of the most comprehensive conferences I have attended."
- Ray Attwell, President, Fun 'N Stuff
"The size of your conference manual gave me a good indication how much time your organization spent to compile the information that operators can use to become more successful in the business. Thank you for a wonderful experience!"
- Dennis Kay, Vice President, Fun 'N Stuff
"I learned a lot at the conference and upon returning to Fun 'N Stuff implemented a number of your ideas. I will be returning to the next one. We also set a goal for LASERTRON so we can look at getting a new system! Thanks."
- Jill Attwell Loeffler, Promotions Manager, Fun 'N Stuff
"Very helpful information covered in a very orderly way."
- Todd Digiantonio, Operations Manager, Fun 'N Stuff
"I really enjoyed the complete openness with which all of the information was presented."
- Charles Lawler, General Manager
- Joseph Palmer, Bowling & Food Manager
"This conference gave more than information, it gave hands on tools and resources with implementation instructions."
- Gary Duffey, Tex Amusements
"I didn't know what to expect for certain from the conference. I have learned far more than I could have imagined. The entire experience including food, organization & staff courtesy truly exceeded my expectations! It was well worth the trip!!!"
- Keith Johnson, General Manager
"This was my first exposure to laser tag. It was extremely helpful."
- Rex Brown, Assistant Manager
"Wonderful conference, providing pertinent & timely information."
- Joseph Rucco
"As a future operator, the topics covered and opportunities to speak with current operators will be invaluable to my future success."
- Mark Hillman
"I really enjoyed the way the LASERTRON staff was 'everywhere' through the whole experience. Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful."
- Lisa Maloney, Manager
"I've played about 7 other systems to date. Before this function I rated LASERTRON about 4 out of 7, but after this it's 2nd, Photon being 1st of course."
- Dave Reinhardt , Manager
"The conference, staff, and fellow operators provided a mindful experience!"
- Allen Briggs
"The LASERTRON conference is worth attending repeatedly to help with the implementations and running of the ideas you learn. Every time I attend the conference it is worth the six-hour ride."
- A.J. Deacon, General Manager, Fun Central
"Excellent advice presented in an organized fashion."
- Mike Ball, General Manager, Charlottesville Fun Park
"Extremely open and honest sharing of business opeations, policies, and procedures creating phenomenal value to anyone considering opening or operating a laser tag center."
- Scott Morrison, President, EDA, Inc.
"For someone with no prior experience in the Family Entertainment Center industry I was most impressed with the comprehensiveness of the operators' conference. Jim Kessler and staff have thoroughly researched and proven strategies that make them leaders in their market. I am confident in their support as I pursue a dream to open my own laser tag center. I found this conference helpful and I am only in the formative stages of opening my own laser tag facility. I would highly recommend for existing FEC's due to the wealth and breadth of knowledge that LASERTRON so willingly shares. A proven system for success and all given without pitching their high quality products. Furthermore, we were treated like royalty - Thank You!"
- Steve Schafer
"Without question, new and seasoned FEC owner/operators alike benefit profoundly from the extraordinarily helpful information. The resources, sharing and networking is invaluable."
- John Krol, General Manager, Whirly Ball
"Your hospitality, willingness to share both positive and negative information, and your time made this workshop/seminar an experience I found extraordinarily helpful. As a startup I learned a great deal."
- Mitch Bernstein, Owner, Play Ball
"The LASERTRON family was honest in their story from the starting point to where they are now. Their stories helped us realize where we need to focus."
- Dana Staniunas, Operations Manager, Splash Lagoon
"Refresher course - on the right way."
- - Scott Lee, Technician, Ozzy's Sports Fun Center
"We came here hoping to learn a lot about operating laser tag and we were not disappointed. Your guest services excellence certainly extended to conference attendees as well."
- Linda Harden, First Choice Professionals
"LASERTRON's commitment to quality and integrity wasn't just professed - it was exhibited in the depth of information they shared from their own hard earned experience and the attention they gave to the conference attendee's understanding and concerns."
- Jeff Harden, First Choice Professionals
"This was the fourth seminar I attended, - it reminded me of all the unaccomplished goals on Lazer Park's agenda, - Good going!"
- Marc Epstein, Owner, Lazer Park
"A superior and comprehensive "how-to" do laser tag successfully - skillfully and professionally presented - first rate experience."
- Carole Sjolander , Executive Director, IALEI
"I was very impressed by the way LASERTRON focuses on the day-to-day operations that we all face in the entertainment business and find the solutions to the challenges we face daily."
- Edgar Florian, Manager, Space Center
"As a current manager of a 30,000 square foot facility it definitely helped me in feeling confident about our current strategy as well as giving me new and exciting approaches to the future."
- Keith Florian, Manager, Space Center

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