More Words from Our Conference Attendees

"Very satisfied."
- Kirk Florian, Manager, Space Center
"It changed my way of thinking about marketing and laser tag! Great job LASERTRON!! Everyone very helpful. Thank you!! It opens your eyes to all that laser tag can offer a business!!"
- Scott Lehr, General Manager, Great Skates
"Great information! We can use several ideas learned here to increase our Family Entertainment Center's bottom line. Anyone looking for ways to boost sales and improve service can benefit from LASERTRON's Operators' Conference"
- Dana Carpenter , Owner, Putt-N-Stuff
"I'm still very impressed with the LASERTRON system, including staff as well as the game system itself."
- David Reinhardt, Manager, XP Laser Sport
"Informative, thought-provoking, excellence. These are just a few words to describe LASERTRON's level of commitment to presenting the absolute best experience with laser tag, period! Thanks!"
- James Yeater, Operations Manager, Magic Mountain
"It is good to see behind the scenes and operations of a stand-alone laser tag center - it will benefit the way we run it in our own center."
- Andrew Ball, Operations Manager, Magic Mountain
"I've attended many state and international trade shows, and have never seen such a thorough and well planned event. Everyone was helpful and gracious about sharing information. It was an absolute pleasure to attend. Thank you!"
- Judy Potratz, Owner, Fun and Games F.F.C.
"Your hospitality, graciousness, directness, and information sharing have exceeded all my expectations. Thank you! You have surpassed "the illusion of perfection!"
- Gordie Potratz, Owner, Fun and Games F.F.C.
"This conference offered a balance of topics (managing the business, human resources, accounting and marketing) that an entertainment center owner or prospective owner will definitely find helpful!"
- Elizabeth Totten
"This isn't LASERTRON banging on you to buy! They ask you if you want to use LASERTRON and then they give you every conceivable tool for your business to succeed - Great two days!!"
- Keith Totten
"Very impressed. A must for anyone who is interested in opening a laser tag facility."
- Daryl Briggs, Owner
"The wealth of knowledge gained from this conference is invaluable to anyone who is considering opening a laser tag business. Very much an eye-opener. The information on hiring and training systems would benefit any existing FEC."
- Patrick Wilson
"I continue to learn quality information that is useful for all attractions of a Family Entertainment Center."
- Gary Duffey, Consultant, Tex Amusements
"It gives you a chance to evaluate your company and operation in a way to help in your growth."
- Mike Litteral, Owner, City Limits FFC

"I think if I learned one thing it was to strive for your company's level of excellence in management, training, and overall procedures. You are a class organization!!"
- Josh Oswald, General Manager, Ozzy's Sports Fun Center
"I could not have asked for a more informational conference - outstanding!"
- John Devroy, Partner
"This conference provides an excellent opportunity for startup groups to make contact with existing operators. I have no doubt that the knowledge learned will greatly assist our operation."
- Tony Del-Genio, Partner
"Informative and complete."
- Anthony Schaffer, Partner
"The LASERTRON Operators' Conference is an essential tool for the prospective family entertainment center owner and anyone who is interested in operating a successful business."
- D. Roxanne Ferguson
"For Family Entertainment Center owners looking to understand laser tag entertainment and other best practices - this conference is a must! It truly is Unbelieva-Bill. Thanks for a great conference. It was very valuable."
- William Dubiel, Owner, Unbelieva-Bills
"LASERTRON gives you for 'FREE' what industry consultants charge for."
- Marc Epstein, Owner, Lazer Park
"Extremely educational and helpful."
- Jermel Jacobs, Lazer Park
"The conference helped me to network with people already in the business, allowing me to get a better understanding of Family Entertainment Centers."
- Bill Citeroni, The Jungle
"The conference was very informative and opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. A few ideas we thought were 'set in stone' will now be changed. Thank you."
- Michelle Citeroni, The Jungle
"The information was insightful, motivational business outlook."
- Ken Kalgren, The Jungle
"In the turbulent waters of Family Entertainment Center operation and ownership, a ship of hope sails with distinction in the seas of Buffalo, NY. A ship of vision. A ship of excellence. A ship worth emulating. Sail on LASERTRON, sail on. "
- Michael J. McAuliffe, Owner, LazerZone
"This conference has many aspects that would be helpful to almost anyone."
- Jon Espinosa, Manager, LazerZone
"LASERTRON's conference was a mind opening experience that will dramatically change the experience of both our customers and employees."
- Dan Pantazelos, Manager, LazerZone
"Excellent information. Very helpful to grow my area of the business."
- Gail Dunn, Sales Manager, LazerZone
"The conference helped me to understand the entire business. Without this conference I would only learn by guessing!"
- Jennifer Kinsey, Renaissance Development
"I drove eight hours one-way and was away from my family for three days and will still come back in the future."
- Brian Liette, Owner, Skatin Place

"You took great care of us. The program was well thought out and executed well by all."
- Julia Liette, Owner, Skatin Place
"One of the best and most useful conferences I've ever attended. An incredible wealth of information on operating a Family Entertainment Center for a prospective operator."
- Allan Scott, Wave Dancer Enterprises
"After coming to the conference, I realize that I'm not just a client but that I'm a part of the LASERTRON team. LASERTRON is eager to share of their knowledge and experience (including the lessons learned) as a part of the tools needed to make my business successful."
- Rick Kuhns, Jubilee Fun, Inc.
"The food, game playing experience and information was wonderful."
- Todd Gaboriault, Jubilee Fun, Inc.
"I learned a lot more than I expected. I came looking for more ideas and I got them."
- Ken Anderson, Jaegerz Laser Tag
"Clearly, LASERTRON is committed to the success of its clients. I plan to continually attend their conference with key members of our staff. This will definitely improve our company."
- Karl Ross, Owner, LASERDOME
"The conference was helpful overall. I think the conference is even more helpful for the businesses that have not opened yet or for businesses that have yet to attend."
- David Strickland, V.P. of Ideas, LASERDOME
"LASERTRON has a very friendly and helpful staff. I felt totally comfortable asking any question and they were happy to tell me or show me the answer."
- Jesse Kline, Manager, LASERDOME
"When you buy a laser tag system from LASERTRON you are buying a complete system as well as a superior management system."
- Jack Cohen, IALEI, President
"Invaluable information, a must for anyone interested in opening a laser tag center."
- Jeff Wells
""On the mark."
- Steve Reppel
"Any operator who has the opportunity to attend should jump at the chance. Missing this seminar would be a serious mistake."
- John Pitcavage, Wildwood Highlands Fun Center
"The information was well presented and very useful."
- Matt Heller, Smiles Entertainment Center
"I expected this seminar to be somewhat helpful, but it turned out to be extremely helpful!"
- Duane England, Magic Mountain
"I came away with all the information provided by LASERTRON, went back to work at the Fun House and watched amazingly profits double and triple since the seminar."
- Roberto Gonzalez, New Roc Fun House
"Way Cool! It's all I talked about to my employees for weeks. I took pictures and showed them to everyone."
- Corey Smith, LaserTron at Putt-Putt Family Park
"As a young manager with little experience, I came away with a great deal of helpful information, ideas, and contacts. I also came home with a greater motivation to better the business I run."
- Craig Popsie, LaserZone
"The operators' meeting was an unbelievable opportunity for us to gather new and exciting ideas for our laser tag operation. Jim and his team hosted a very professional, informative and thorough presentation of the LASERTRON equipment and facility. We are looking forward to our invitation next year."
- JoLynn Stewart, Main Event
"LASERTRON presents the operator a manual developed through trial and error. 17 years of experience, I wish I had attended the seminar before we opened."
- Marc Epstein, Laser Park
"LASERTRON provides the most dependable laser tag system on the market."
- Rob Thomas of Mulligan's
"Holy Moley, that was one heck of a knee slappin, toe tappin good time. Yeeeee Haw!"
- Michael McAuliffe, LaserZone

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