2014 Survey Results

We do believe we build the best equipment but we are always looking for feedback from our clients so we can continue to improve our products and services.

Based on our never ending quest to improve we conduct an annual survey with each of our locations. We reach out to the owner or manager directly and ask them to respond to the 3 questions below, ranking their answers from 10 being the best, to 1 being the worst.

    1. How would you rate the speed and quality of our service?
    2. How would you rate the reliability and durability of your LASERTRON equipment?
    3. When the time comes to invest in a new system, would you definitely go with LASERTRON? 10 you would, 1 you wouldnat.

Once again our survey for 2014 validates that we are achieving our goal of providing our clients with the products and services they need to succeed.

The average score for question 1 on the speed and quality of our service was 8.9.

The average score for question 2 regarding the reliability and durability of our system was 8.5. Keep in mind that more than 48% of our customers operate with systems that are 5 years or older and 17% are using systems older than 10 years!

The average score for question 3 on whether they would use LASERTRON again was 9.6.

The overall score when you average out all 3 scores is 9.1. We are proud of this and will continue to work on improving our scores and making our clients happy.

We are very lucky to be able to work with great operators. Many of whom attend our conferences on a regular basis and others that we keep in close contact with by phone or email. We welcome any existing operator of a competitive system, any new bowling center or skating facility as well as any FEC operator to join our growing team of operators. 2014 has been our best year ever. We look forward to working with even more clients in 2015. Here are some client testimonials we received while conducting our annual survey:

aAnn, just wanted to drop you a quick note that we're having a great season, many large groups and the equipment has been holding up great. Ya'll are like the Maytag of Laser Tag. I don't even think about laser tag equipment as it just doesn't break!!!!- Brian Cote - Hilltop Fun Center

aI purchased our 36 vest system back in 2009. I looked at several suppliers before making my decision to go with LaserTron. I knew LaserTron was the best system on the market after my research. I also knew the system was a higher end system which meant if I wanted the best I had to ensure I could afford it. When I researched LaserTron I was surprised to see that their system was comparable in price to others. I loved the feel of the equipment, the durability, game play modes, chip sets, and the ability to design our own games. I really appreciated the time given for initial training and also continued training as needed in Buffalo. We have been open for almost 6 years now in CA and our vests are still in great working order and condition. Having the warranty that is offered also gave me the peace of mind knowing that the system was fully covered. I will be defiantly purchasing the LT-12 system within the next 2 years.a - Paul Clark - Zaps Zone

aWe have always received quick and outstanding service from the staff. We have worked with knowledgeable and professional personnel over the years. The dependability is far better than any system we have used. So much so that we have retro fit multiple centers with your equipment. This was a very big expense replacing existing systems but well worth it. We are in the process of building our 6th location and will continue to use the LaserTron product.a- Brad Van Buskirk- Stars and Strikes

aWe appreciate the great support at LaserTron. We are running two LaserTron arenas in Austria and after more than four years we are still impressed by the reliability and durability of the system and the diverse parts.a- Rene Voak- NXP LaserTron

"I'm in the midst of purchasing my 5th system from LaserTron for our new Center in Westboro, MA - that should say it all - simply the best laser tag system and company in the business!" - Greg Hughes- LaserCraze

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