2015 Survey Results

We do believe we build the best equipment but we are always looking for feedback from our clients so we can continue to improve our products and services.

Based on our never ending quest to improve we conduct an annual survey with each of our locations. We reach out to the owner or manager directly and ask them to respond to the 3 questions below, ranking their answers from 10 being the best, to 1 being the worst.

  1. How would you rate the speed and quality of our service?
  2. How would you rate the reliability and durability of your LASERTRON equipment?
  3. When the time comes to invest in a new system, would you definitely go with LASERTRON? 10 you would, 1 you wouldnat.

Once again our survey for 2015 validates that we are achieving our goal of providing our clients with the products and services they need to succeed.

The average score for question 1 on the speed and quality of our service was 9.1.

The average score for question 2 regarding the reliability and durability of our system was 8.6. Keep in mind that more than 59% of our customers operate with systems that are 5 years or older and 36% are using systems older than 10 years!

The average score for question 3 on whether they would use LASERTRON again was 9.2.

The overall score when you average out all 3 scores is 8.9. We are proud of this and will continue to work on improving our scores and making our clients happy.

We are very lucky to be able to work with great operators. Many of whom attend our conferences on a regular basis and others that we keep in close contact with by phone or email.

We welcome any existing operator of a competitive system, any new bowling center or skating facility as well as any FEC operator to join our growing team of operators. We look forward to working with even more clients in 2016.

Here are some client testimonials we received while conducting our annual survey:

aLaser tag is doing great. It was always number two or three attraction (go karts, bowling) but it has moved, with the new arena and your great product, to our # 1 attraction. Thanks again!a
- Mike Murphy - Triple Play Fun Center
"Best thing we ever did was adding LaserTron, we were struggling and since adding Lasertron things have been great."
- Tim Bruecker - Badger Sports Park
You are always there when we need youa
- Ted Marek - Celebration Station
aIs there anybody else?a
- Brad Little - HeyDay Entertainment
aThank you to Bill and Ann for improving the communication. No issues now, we get parts every week as needed, it just gets done with no problems.a
- Kevin - Laser Extreme
aOne of the reasons we would go with you again is because you are an operator and can understand our issues, etc.a
- Curtis Epping - Funland

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