Developer Agreement

When you become a LASERTRON "Laser Tag" Developer, you join an exclusive group of the very best laser tag operators in the business. LASERTRON is committed to providing you with the best laser tag equipment, arenas, tools and know-how to dominate your marketplace.

Why did we create the LASERTRON "Laser Tag" Developer Agreement?

The LASERTRON "Laser Tag" Developer Agreement was created for two main reasons.

The first reason had to do with a request from our existing clients. Our clients wanted us to make sure that LASERTRON's management and operational expertise was only available to LASERTRON laser tag operators.

Our existing clients did not have a problem with prospective clients attending our "Do It Right The First Time" Operators' Conference, but they did have a big problem with us allowing prospective clients to leave our conference with the LASERTRON Management and Operational Manual.

They believed the LASERTRON manual and the information contained within it was proprietary to LASERTRON and should only be made available to LASERTRON and its operators.

Based on our client's concerns, we created the LASERTRON "Laser Tag" Developer Agreement. The agreement enables LASERTRON to provide all of our management and operational expertise to prospective clients who have already made the commitment to become LASERTRON operators.

LASERTRON   Laser Tag Manufacturer - Laser Tag Blue Prints

The second reason for creating the LASERTRON "Laser Tag" Developer Agreement had to do with the enormous amount of work required to successfully open a laser tag center. It can take 6 to 12 months or more to open a high quality laser tag center. We felt it was very important for us to get involved with our client's laser tag development process as early as possible.

What does a potential operator get out of the Developeras Agreement?

Once you select LASERTRON as your laser tag provider through the Developer Agreement, we immediately provide you with the information, resources, and tools required to help you get your center open. As we said before, it can be a very long process. LASERTRON wants to work with you during the early stages to help prepare you for the challenges you will face on your journey to opening and operating your laser tag center.

It is important to remember that operating a highly successful laser tag center is a never-ending process. LASERTRON is dedicated to providing both our existing clients and developer clients with the very best information and resources possible.

Once you have selected LASERTRON as your laser tag provider, you will qualify to receive the following information, assistance, and resources to help you open your laser tag center:

  • Management and Operational Manual
  • Business Plan Development Program
  • Preliminary Facility Layout
  • Laser Tag Arena Layout and Design
  • Marketing and Operational Materials
  • Laser Tag System Discount
  • Payroll & Schedule Calculator
  • Financial Spreadsheet
  • Continuous Consultation from our Team of Advisors and Specialists

By becoming a LASERTRON Developer, you'll be able to select a location and protect the territory around your location for a time while you develop your facility. This way, it's not a race to get your LASERTRON open before somebody else. You can focus on creating the very best facility.

The LASERTRON "Laser Tag" Developer Agreement is designed to protect your interests, the interests of fellow LASERTRON Operators, and the interests of the LASERTRON brand. As mentioned above, becoming a LASERTRON Operator is increasingly selective. Not all Developer Agreements can be accepted, because not everyone is qualified to become a LASERTRON Developer.

In order for you to make a highly informed decision, we still allow prospective clients to attend day one of our two-day conference "Do it Right the First Time" held in Buffalo, New York four times per year.

On day one of the conference, we provide you with an extensive overview of the LASERTRON Management and Operational Manual. You will be able to see first hand all the value that we provide when you decide to become a LASERTRON developer.

LASERTRON Developers are provided with the opportunity to attend the second day of the LASERTRON Operators' Conference for more proprietary sessions. Sessions that include but are not limited to topics such as E-Mail Marketing, Business Plan Development and Financials, Industry Speakers and much more.

LASERTRON Laser Tag Developers are also allowed to sit in on certain sessions with the International LASERTRON Alliance and join the Alliance on a provisional basis.

The Alliance is a non-profit trade group made up of fellow LASERTRON operators. 95% of membership dues are used directly for member benefits including:

  • Management newsletters
  • Library of training DVDas
  • Audio training library
  • Management or marketing "Book of the Month" yours to keep
  • Group buying opportunities including insurance and arcade games
  • Access to Alliance web site and improved listing on

The International LASERTRON Alliance is a unique value only available to LASERTRON Operators and Developers.

For additional information about LASERTRON, contact Your Advisement Team.