Business Plan Development

LASERTRON Assists Developers with Laser Tag Business Plans

What are the advantages of having LASERTRON assist me with the development of my business plan?

Our laser tag center wasn't successful in the very beginning. We didn't have any real world experience in operating a laser tag center, and there wasn't any information available to help guide us. It took us years of trial and error to figure out the basics.

We continue to spend a significant portion of our time refining the things that do work. We also continue to spend a significant percentage of our time testing new ideas under real world conditions. Unfortunately most new ideas fail to succeed, but the ones that produce positive results help ensure our success as well as that of our clients.

"This is an opportunity to see what's "behind the curtain" of a Lasertron attraction. Jim, Ann, Jason, and the rest of the Lasertron team thoroughly communicate the realities of the business in an interactive session. Chris and I have leveraged what we learned in this session in talking to bankers and investors - it certainly has given us more credibility in discussing a business that many are hearing about for the first time. If you are serious about this business you need to attend this session."
Hugh Curran & Chris Edmonds, future operators

Today our LASERTRON laser tag center is the longest running and one of the most successful laser tag centers in North America at over 27 years and counting.

Our years of experience are available to all our existing clients at our LASERTRON Professional Laser Tag Operators' Conference entitled "Laser Tag - Do It Right The First Time". We hold this conference four times per year in January, April/May, July, and October. Prospective clients are welcome to attend.

Business Plan Workshop

One of the sessions that we offer on the second day of the conference is our Business Planning workshop. This intimate workshop will help you fill in the missing pieces on your business plan. Developed with input from our staff and best customers, the workshop shares critical information with a new developer.

The workshop covers the following items:

  • Detailed review of LASERTRON business plan outline and structure: Topics include: Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Company Description, Marketing and Sales, Attraction and Guest Experiences, Business Structure, Management Systems, Operational Systems, Funds Required and Their Uses, Financial Data, and Appendices and Exhibits.
  • A look at the business planning process and logistics: Topics include: Top Nine Business Plan Mistakes, Length, Style, Formatting, Document Control, Writing Tips, Versioning
  • Detailed review of LASERTRON - Management and Operational Systems Manual and how this information applies to your business plan
  • Open discussion about developing financials for your new facility. Topics include: Raising Capital, Target Audience, Exit Strategies, Revenue Projections, Cost of Sales Expenses, Operating Expenses, Net Income/Cash Flow, and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Tips on defending your plan to bankers and investors.
  • Lunch with the LASERTRON team.
  • Additional handouts and materials available only when attending this workshop.
  • Review of your business plan following the workshop (please allow 1-2 weeks).
  • Follow up support as needed to complete your business plan.

This workshop will provide you and your business with the important details of opening, managing, and operating a professional laser tag center for the long term.

Important Note: This workshop is only open to potential developers who have completed the LASERTRON Developer's Agreement to learn more about our Operators' Conferences. Additional sessions may be available for clients who qualify, but are unable to attend the full conference or who need immediate business plan assistance.

Contact us now to reserve your spot in the next Business Plan Development workshop during our quarterly Conference. Please call Ann Kessler directly at (305) 257-3930 or call the main LASERTRON office at (800) 897-8766 ext. 314 for additional information or send an e-mail to

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