Financial Spreadsheet

The excel spreadsheet link at the bottom of this page can be downloaded to your computer. It will help you identify the costs you may incur when operating your LASERTRON laser tag center.

The spreadsheet is broken down into eight categories or sections.

The first category is "Sales Revenue." Sales revenue is gross sales of your entertainment center minus sales tax. If you have more than one revenue source in your center, you will want to break it down by each revenue source. For example, Laser Tag revenue, Food and Beverage revenue, Arcade revenue, Merchandise revenue, etc.

The second category is "Cost of Sales." This is where you must identify all the costs directly related to producing your sales revenue. For example, the actual costs associated with your arcade sales such as the ticket costs for redemption games, cost of prizes given away for tickets, cost of token replacement, etc. The same is done for the cost of food and beverage sales, laser tag sales, and merchandise sales.

The third category is your "Gross Profit". Once the cost of sales is added up, you subtract the total cost of sales from your total sales revenue to get your gross profit.

The fourth category is your "Operating Expense." Operating expense is the expenses incurred by running your business but not considered directly applicable to the cost of your sales. These expenses include payroll and taxes, legal and accounting, insurance, depreciation, advertising and printing, telephone, office supplies, etc.

The fifth category is your "Income(Loss) From Operations." Income from operations is the gross profit minus operating expenses. Income from operations is the pre-tax, pre-interest profit from the company's operations.

The sixth category is "Other Expenses." Other expenses are interest expense on loans, taxes, any disposal or write-off of equipment, etc.

The seventh category is "Net Income(Loss)." Net income(loss) is after taxes and all expenses.

The eighth and final category is "Cash Flow." Cash flow is calculated by adding back depreciation and subtracting out any principal payments on loans, etc.

This statement is a basic guide for helping you to understand the costs of operating a laser tag center. It is important to understand that your sales volume and costs may vary greatly.

It is up to you to determine your projected costs in each area.

If you do not have the LASERTRON Financial Spreadsheet's passcode, please contact a member of Your Advisement Team.

LASERTRON Financial Spreadsheet File