Free Management and Operations Manual

LASERTRON provides our existing laser tag clients and developer clients with a manual of over 27 years of real-world management and operations knowledge.

This 500 page manual is continuously updated and is available on CD. It was developed for and is currently utilized to manage and operate our LASERTRON entertainment center in Buffalo, New York.

The LASERTRON manual is always a work in progress. Every quarter, we add new material to the manual to keep our clients and developers on top of the latest trends and information. On average, LASERTRON includes an additional 25-35 pages every quarter full of new ideas, information and material.

Contents include:
Management Leadership Systems
  1. No Excuses (Be Solution Oriented)
  2. Team Building - Get the Right People on Your Team
  3. Develop the Right Knowledge and Experience
  4. Focus on the Right Things
  5. Persistence to Stay Focused on the Right Things
  6. Tap Into Everyone's Experience and Knowledge
  7. Change when the Evidence is Clear (Listen to the Market Place)
  8. Provide the Right Tools to Succeed for the Right People on Your Team
  9. Decisive Decision-Maker Tools
  10. Quarterly Management & Staff Evaluations for Staff Members & Management
  11. Quarterly Accomplishments, Assigned Projects, Education, Team Assists
  12. Daily Actions of Management
  13. Planning "The most important question to ask everyday is the following:"
  14. Courage and Commitment to stay focused and "Make It Happen"
Operational Systems
  1. Site Selection
  2. Entertainment Center Layout
  3. Systems for Creating and Delivering the Best Attraction and Guest Experiences
  4. Hiring and Training Systems
  5. Maintenance Systems
  6. Guest Service Systems
  7. Guest Feedback Systems
  8. Bonus and Incentive Systems
  9. Marketing and Sales Systems
  10. Information and Accounting Systems
  11. Capital Investment and Capital Reinvestment Systems

Summary: Laser Tag - "Do it Right the First Time"

Appendix- I: LASERTRON Facilitator Guide
Appendix- II: Weekly Preventative Maintenance Procedure
Appendix- III: Opening Dialogue & Intro to Management
Appendix- IV: Team Building & Stress Relief Program
Appendix- V: Educational Program
Appendix- VI: Certification Test
Appendix- VII: Birthday Survey Grading
Appendix- VIII: Part 1 - Pre-Opening Schedule
Appendix- VIII: Part 2 - Grand Opening Marketing
Appendix- IX: Manager Surveys
Appendix- X: Basic Arcade Operations
Appendix- XI: E-mail Marketing
Appendix- XII: Business Planning
Appendix- XIII: How To Grow Our Adult Business
Appendix- XIV: Group Marketing & Discount Strategy
Appendix- XV: Hotel Marketing Strategies
Appendix- XVI: Social Media