Payroll and Schedule Calculator

The payroll costs for a laser tag center can vary greatly from one laser tag facility to another. Below are some of the variables that will affect your payroll and scheduling requirements for your center.

Sales Volume of Laser Tag Center

This variable will dramatically affect the cost of your payroll and the number of staff members required to operate your laser tag center. The busier your center the more staff you will need to provide a high quality attraction and guest experience.

Management Scheduling Preferences

The management team has the ultimate decision making power when it comes to the cost of payroll and the number of staff required to perform the tasks specified by management. For example, many laser tag centers are not even open during the day Monday through Friday. Some centers are also closed all day on Monday, Tuesday, and even Wednesday. These are choices that can be made for each individual center based on the goals of the laser tag center. Our LASERTRON laser tag center in Buffalo, New York is open 364 days per year. This is based on our goals and preferences for how we operate our center.

Volume of Birthday Parties and Groups

If your laser tag center has the ability to cater to a large number of birthday parties and groups, you will be required to provide additional staff. Birthday parties and groups require you to maintain a well trained party staff. Remember, your staff will be working closely with moms and dads who are trying to provide their kids with a great birthday party or group leaders who are responsible for a successful group outing. The success of each and every birthday party and group outing is critical to positive word of mouth advertising for your center.

Special Holidays and Days Off from School

You must be prepared for all the special holidays and days off from school that occur throughout the entire year. These days will require you to extend your hours of operation or open on days you are normally closed for business. You must prepare your schedule for these days. Holidays and days off from school can generate substantial amounts of additional revenues, and your schedule must take these special days into account.

Corporate Business Weekdays

A large mostly untapped business opportunity for laser tag is corporate business. Our LASERTRON center in Buffalo, New York is working overtime to develop a more adult friendly environment at our laser tag center. A number of our existing clients have proven that this opportunity is a substantial one. Most corporate business for laser tag happens during the weekdays Monday through Friday. If you decide to cater to this market your scheduling will increase during the weekdays.

Prevailing Wage Rates

The prevailing wage rates in your area for both hourly staff and management can dramatically affect the costs of your payroll. Your laser tag center may experience even greater difficulties in finding suitable staff members as well as strong management.

If you do not have the LASERTRON Sample Payroll & Scheduling passcode, please contact a member of Your Advisement Team.

LASERTRON Sample Payroll and Scheduling Calculator

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