LASERTRON has been a constant in the world of laser games. We began to build our laser tag business in 1986. The goal was to develop a quality laser tag game system for our entertainment center in Amherst, New York. Our laser tag center opened in 1988 and utilized the LASERTRON LT-1 laser tag game system.

We wish we could tell you that our LASERTRON operation was an instant success, but it wasn't.

Our first year of operation was an enormously painful struggle in which our number one goal was to survive. The day we opened we were out of money and grasping for ways to make it another day. We seized upon every opportunity to promote our laser tag facility.

Nobody even knew what laser tag was.

When we opened our center over 27 years ago, we had to educate every potential laser tag customer who walked in our door. We educated every person we met on the street, in a restaurant, festival, school, church, hotel -- anywhere we could find people willing to listen. It was guerrilla marketing for laser tag to an extreme. Our laser tag sales for our center in the first year only reached $156,000 dollars. Even with a horrible first year, we refused to give up. We worked diligently every day to get better and slowly but surely our sales began to grow.

Using the Illusion of Perfection.

In the beginning we had lots of challenges to overcome. We focused on achieving what we called the "Illusion of Perfection". We kept our problems invisible to our guests. If our guests never saw the problems, then we achieved the "Illusion of Perfection". This continues to be a driving force in our business today.

By our fifth year we achieved laser tag sales of $395,000 dollars and in years six and seven we had our biggest sales increases ever. We added our LT-7 laser tag system, upgraded our laser tag arena, remodeled our lobby, and added additional space for birthday parties and more arcade games. Our laser tag sales for our center in year seven increased to $656,000 dollars.

The Longest Running Laser Tag Operation in the United States

Our laser tag operation in Amherst, New York has come a long way over the last 27 years. Today our laser tag center is the longest running laser tag facility in the United States and one of the most successful in the World. Our laser tag attraction brings in $1,500,000 dollars. We continue to build on our successes, breaking the previous year's sales record year after year. Click here to find out more about our history of success.

Learn from Our Successes and Mistakes

Our goal is to provide you with the know-how and tools to build your laser tag attraction to its full potential. We truly understand how painful it can be if you don't Do It Right the First TimeSM. Click here to find out more about our key elements for a successful facility.

Laser Tag "Operational Assistance" - (27 Years of Experience)

LASERTRON is working every day to provide our current and future laser tag operators with the most profitable operational practices for laser tag. With the knowledge gained from our 27 years of real world laser tag experience, LASERTRON provides laser tag operators with the service, management, operational, and marketing programs required for long-term success.

LASERTRON's own state-of-the-art laser tag facility opened in Amherst, New York in 1988 and is the longest operating laser tag in the United States. The LASERTRON center includes a high-tech 9,200 square foot Multi-Level Sport Arena and an outdoor electric go-kart track utilizing go-karts designed and manufactured by LASERTRON. The most recent addition to our facility is called Cyber Sport. Cyber Sport is a fun, competitive and highly interactive experience. We have two Cyber Sport courts. In addition we have a snack bar, party area, private event room and arcade.

You can enjoy a FREE visit to our LASERTRON Interactive Entertainment Center in Buffalo, NY and meet with our staff. Click here to find out more.

Even after all these years, we continue to refine our management and operational practices.

Our entertainment center produces strong profits. Most importantly we have been successful at continually testing and improving the most effective management and operational systems for laser tag and all facets of the business. We have also identified and eliminated management and operational systems that don't work for laser tag.

As a result of our first hand experience with developing the most effective systems and practices for all of our attractions, we have held over 16,000 parties and events in the last six years alone.

Our management and operational knowledge, proven systems, coupled with our advanced laser tag systems and arenas allow LASERTRON to provide new and existing laser tag operators with all the tools required for long-term success.

The following are a few of the reasons why LASERTRON is the premium provider of laser tag systems and arenas for new and existing laser tag operators.

Advanced Laser Tag Game Play With Time-Released Software

LASERTRON's time-released laser tag software and professional laser tag marketing program will give you the ability to promote your facility for the long term.

Our Special Modes & Power Ups ( Special Modes & Power Ups) are designed to enable operators to release multiple software features over extended periods of time in conjunction with scheduled marketing promotions.

The integrated laser tag team building software adds additional options targeting corporate and group customers. There are multiple team, free-for-all, elimination-style and role playing laser tag games and much more for the novice and advanced players as well.

LASERTRON also provides the operator with special software features for birthday honorees and VIP players. We are constantly developing usable features that help laser tag operators maximize the profitability of their laser tag centers.

Reliable and Durable Laser Tag Systems
(Up to 5-Year Laser Tag Game System Warranty)

LASERTRON's 27 plus years of "real world" laser tag testing and continual improvements have led to the development of a durable laser tag system that is built to last. Our laser tag systems and arenas have up to a 5-year "bumper-to-bumper" warranty. The warranty provides you with "peace of mind" and the ability to dedicate more time to growing your laser tag business.

We've made LASERTRON the best option for a new laser tag center or an upgrade at an existing laser tag center.

For additional information about LASERTRON, please contact Your Advisement Team.

From all of us at LASERTRON, we thank you for the opportunity to serve your laser tag needs.