Our Entertainment Center

We continue to operate the longest running and one of the most successful laser tag facilities in the United States.

Since LASERTRON's grand opening, back in December of 1988, our guests have played millions of games and the number continues to grow each and every day. In fact, just in the last six years alone, we have hosted over 16,000 birthday parties and group events!

Today our center utilizes the LASERTRON LT-12 game system. The LT-12 is the most advanced system to date and can be played in our large multi-level arena. It has proven to be the most durable and reliable game system available.

We continue to upgrade our facilities:

In August, 2004, we began a series of remodels and improvements, beginning with a complete remodel of our Sport arena. At 9,200 square feet, the LASERTRON Sport arena is one of the largest multi-level arenas in the world.

In summer of 2005, we added an outdoor electric go-kart track.

In summer of 2006, we added the world's first Cyber Sport attraction. We also replaced our beer and wine license with a full liquor license and built a small bar and added multiple flat-screen televisions.

In December 2008, we added a new private party area and a second Cyber Sport Court.

In 2010, we replaced the old go-karts with our new go-karts. Our new custom electric go-karts are designed for adults and built by LASERTRON. We also added a large outdoor patio with high-end outdoor bar-top tables and chairs.

In 2012, we installed new LT-12's and new arena updates.

27 Years of Research, Development and "Real World" Testing

We test all our new features and software upgrades in our LASERTRON retail center in Buffalo, New York.

Years of experience and real world testing are why our laser tag systems and arenas are so reliable and durable. We have equipment and arenas in operation that have been running for over ten years straight and are still going strong.

To visit our LASERTRON Interactive Entertainment Center online, please click here.

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