Our Products

The LT-12 Laser Tag System

Your best choice in laser tag for durability, software, and game experience.

LED Arenas

Create that edgy look your customers will love, and save on energy costs at the same time.

Sport Arenas

Each of our Arena Packages are designed to give your guests the best laser tag experience in a cost effective package. Sport arenas create a balanced, exciting playing field.

Custom Arenas

When you have unique needs, we can install a custom style arena in your facility.


LASERTRON can design and build a custom Facade for your Entertainment Center.

Self-Install Arenas

Build it yourself with LASERTRON's Self-Install Plans and LASERTRON's Custom-Molded Arena Obstacles.

Arena Components

Our patented arena components are our version of LEGO® Bricks.*

Vesting Racks

Custom molded with multiple options.

3 Hour Charger

Fully charge your packs in only 3 hours.

Score Displays

Show your customers their scores in real-time inside the arena, then let them compare their scores in the lobby after the game.

Arena Scoreboard

View team scores and time remaining from anywhere in the arena.

Briefing Video

Every new LT-12 comes with a briefing video. You can also add custom arena flyovers for your facility to the briefing video.

LT-12 Wireless Game Controller

Control or monitor your laser tag system from anywhere in your center.

Hazer Machines and Haze Fluid

We've tried the rest so you don't have to. This hazer is a proven, durable system.

Management Software

The Center Manager Pro 4.0 for reservation, point-of-sale and management software system critical to your center's success.

Cloud Kiosks

For operators who don't need a full Center Management system, but still want to capture user data.

On-Line Scoring

Give your players on-line access to their scores and show your center's top scores on your website

Cyber Sport

A combination of lacrosse and basketball on custom-designed Cyber Cars


* LEGOA(R) is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.