Laser Tag Briefing Video

A FREE Addition to Your LT-12 Game Package

LASERTRON has produced a briefing video to introduce your players to the game play, rules and features of your LT-12 Game System.

A professional quality laser tag briefing video, like the one provided by LASERTRON may help control liability insurance costs and contributes to a consistent experience for your players and guests. The video guarantees that important safety rules will be covered for every player entering the arena.

We can provide a continuously looping video so players can watch the video while waiting in a queue.

LT-12 Briefing Video 1: Choose Your Own Special Modes & Power Ups

LT-12 Briefing Video 2: Randomized Special Modes & Power Ups Assignment

LT-12 Briefing Video 3: Team Game - No Special Modes & Power Ups

LT-12 Briefing Video 4: Solo Free For All

LT-12 Briefing Video 5: Team Free For All

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