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A New Attraction for Your Entertainment Center

Cyber Sport ® combines a sporting experience with a highly maneuverable vehicle** that adults and kids* love to play. Cyber Sport®™ is a turnkey installation for your center. The thrilling multi-player interactive experience can either be operated as a stand-alone attraction (with an arcade, bar, and food service) or as a unique addition to an existing or future multi-attraction entertainment center.

(*recommended for players who are a minimum of 54" tall)

(**U.S. Patent No. 8,033,346)

Cyber Sport ® Players

The Game

Cyber Sport ® is a fun competitive game that's a combination of lacrosse and basketball played on highly-maneuverable Cyber Cars. Two teams of up to five players each pass around a soft foam ball using a one-handed scoop. Goals are scored by driving and passing the ball towards the opposing team's backboard and shooting the ball through one of three goal openings.

Automation, the Key to Consistency

A referee controls all the action automatically, utilizing a specialized tablet based application and the Cyber Sport ® game computer. The Cyber Sport ® touch screen game controller and game computer are the heart of the game system. Using the automated system, the referee can:

  • track individual player statistics
  • award goals for each team
  • call penalties automatically
  • stop and start the game or the Cyber Cars

This is all accomplished at the touch of a button. This automated system means that your game experience is more consistent for your guests.

Durring the Cyber Sport ® game, the game computer can automatically create appropriate game sounds and play-by-play announcements

Cyber Sport ® Players

The New CS-3 Production Car Design is Available Now for Installation

The first court opened in Buffalo, NY in July 2006 at the LASERTRON Entertainment Center with the first model CS-1 cars. All new installations of Cyber Sport ® will feature our new high-tech CS-3 design. This new high-tech look includes important mechanical and electronic upgrades from the first and second generation cars.

Contact Your Advisement Team to see if your town or city is still available.

Cyber Sport ® Players

Moderate Footprint

Cyber Sport ® recommends the court size for a five-on-five game to be 56 feet by 36 feet for a total of 2,016 square feet. This allows Cyber Sport ® Courts to be built in almost any retail or industrial locations without worrying about columns in the court.

Complete System

Cyber Sport ® is a complete attraction, including vehicles, sound system, game computer and scoring targets. You supply the room and we'll do the rest.

Multi-Purpose Room Use

Your Cyber Sport ® court can become a banquet room. Park the vehicles in the Cyber Sport ® garage or one end of the court to use the space for other purposes. At our own facilities we have already used the Cyber Sport ® courts for large birthday parties, dances, business meetings, team-building programs and conferences.

Download the Cyber Sport ® Brochure

Cyber Sport Brochure

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Cyber Sport Comparison

Watch a Video of Cyber Sport ® in Action

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