Hazers & Haze Fluid

LASERTRON has had over 27 years of experience with various smoke effects. From real-world experience, and trial and error, we've decided a commercial grade workhorse hazer is the best bet for your laser tag arena.

Our recent release of the LT-12 Laser Tag Game System has lead us to upgrade our hazer, too. For years, we've dealt with one of the industry leaders in haze machines and special effects, Ultratec. We're pleased to now offer Ultratec's Radiance Haze Machine to our clients.

Ultratec's Radiance Haze Machine features "Built-In DMX." DMX controls the speed of the hazer's fan, which controls how far the haze is dispersed while ensuring an even distribution, as well as the amount of haze that is produced.

Ultratec's products have always been recognized for professional quality and durability for performing well in harsh environments like laser tag arenas. Ultratec's Radiance Haze Machine has been designed to meet the demands for extensive continuous usage with large volumes of haze, which is required for a quality laser tag arena.

The Ultratec Radiance Haze Machine also comes with an optional remote. This remote allows you to balance the concentration and distribution of haze in your arena without being right next to the hazer.

LASERTRON also provides haze solution, remote controls,and cable extensions. Order LASERTRON haze fluid for your laser tag arena.

Additional Questions?

Please contact our Shipping & Service Manager at (800) 897-8766 for further information on the exciting atmospheres LASERTRON haze fluids and machines can provide for your center.

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