Special Modes & Power Ups


The Best Laser Tag Power-Ups for Your Players

LASERTRON created Special Modes & Power Ups to add to the excitement of the average laser tag game without unbalancing the game. Special Modes & Power Ups provide a "power-up" in laser tag game play to players during the game.

With the recent release of the new LASERTRON LT-12 Laser Tag Game System, we now have 12 Special Modes & Power Ups for your guests enjoyment.

Meet the Special Modes & Power Ups

  • Deactivator - Ability to deactivate your opponents vest with a single tag. Tagging an opponent once with deactivator will require your opponent to return to the energizer or recharge in place.
  • Energizer - Ability to energize your teams vest with a single tag. This is the only time in LASERTRON where it's to your advantage to tag your own team members. The Energizer player acts just like a mobile recharging unit.
  • Stealth - Impervious to all tags until you fire your phaser or the mode expires. Exiting this mode will leave your vest fully energized. Stealth allows a laser tag player to sneak around the arena to the best location.
  • Super Rapid-Fire - Ability to fire your phaser at incredible speeds. Everybody loves rapid fire in laser tag and the Super Rapid Fire mode is rapid fire on steroids.
  • Freeze-Ray - Ability to disable your opponent's vest with a freeze ray that leaves them frozen for five seconds. Frozen laser tag players cannot fire their phaser, but they can still be tagged.
  • Invincible - Impervious to all tags for a set time period. Invincible is one of the most powerful modes.
  • Force-Field - Impervious to all tags when you are not firing your phaser. Force-Field players drop their force field and can be tagged whenever they fire their phaser.
  • Deflector - Ability to deflect all incoming laser tag pulses to the player that was attempting to tag you. When multiple simultaneous modes are activated, players deflectors can deflect mode tags like deactivator and energizer, too.
  • Computer Virus - Ability to infect and disable your opponents vest with a single tag. Laser tag players infected by the virus must recharge.
  • Spy - Ability to change your team colors and infiltrate the opposing team. A Spy will flash their true team colors only when they are firing their phaser. Laser tag players on the spy's own team cannot tag the spy.
  • Invisible - Turns pack lights off so opposing players can't easily see or identify the invisible laser tag player. The player's lights will flash when they get tagged.
  • Bonus - Ability to increase the points scored from any tag. Bonus players receive a bonus score for all bases and opposing players they tag.

The History of Special Modes & Power Ups

Back several years ago, there was an emphasis by some manufacturers to develop interactive arena features. Some systems offered robotic, animatronic or drone units that interacted with the player, usually by tagging and deactivating the player. The interaction was marketed as a way of creating excitement in the game. LASERTRON has always worked hard to have the very best of everything, so we threw ourselves into the task of figuring out how to create the very best interactive game elements.

After experimenting with several different types of interactive devices, we realized there were many downsides to the interactive arena devices. So we made the decision to enhance our human laser tag players and the concept of Special Modes & Power Ups was born.

The Value of Special Modes & Power Ups

For years, video game creators have understood the appeal of adding "power-ups" to their games. Power-ups exponentially increase the game dynamics, changing the game dramatically on the fly. Video games have a variety of methods to get power-ups into the hands of players.

This same philosophy holds true for laser tag play. Manufacturers have attempted to add power-ups early in the evolution of laser tag gear. Just like in video games, there are a whole range of methods and ideas to get these power-ups to the laser tag player.

Methods of Delivering Power-Ups

One of the first power-up delivery ideas allowed players to pay for them through membership or experience playing the game. This allowed the most experienced players to gain advantages over other players. While the idea generated sales of memberships, it tended to disrupt and annoy typical laser tag players and completely frustrated new players.

Other methods allowed players to 'buy' power-ups by tagging wall obstacles or targets after accumulating a certain number of points. Again, this method tends to reward the most experienced players who know what power-ups they want and where they are located in the laser tag arena. Regular or newer laser tag players are largely left out of the opportunity to use the power-ups.

One of LASERTRON's primary goals when designing our Special Modes & Power Ups was to create a fair system that gave every laser tag player an opportunity to receive and use a power-up. With Special Modes & Power Ups, the power-ups are handed out randomly, bingo style to the same number of laser tag players on each team. This means that every player in the game will receive a Special Mode before any player receives his or her second mode. In this way, all laser tag players get to enjoy a short time as a special player.

The Philosophy Behind Special Modes & Power Ups

In addition to a better distribution method, we created other design criteria for LASERTRON Special Modes & Power Ups. Our goal was to create the very best way to give power-ups to laser tag players.

First, all Special Modes & Power Ups have a time limit, usually 20-30 seconds as set by the laser tag arena operator. This prevents any one player from receiving a powerful mode and controlling the game.

Second, all Special Modes & Power Ups can be "played through." Even when we make the modes simple, some laser tag players do not understand how the mode works in the heat of the game. We designed every Special Mode so you can keep on playing the same way you did before getting the Special Mode mode. No player has to take advantage of the power up. The key was having the laser tag equipment operate in virtually the same way it did before the power up.

Finally, it was important that other players be able to identify players who received Special Modes & Power Ups. Every Special Mode has a different light and sound effect package associated with it. Even newer players can recognize players in Special Modes & Power Ups.

Recent Enhancements with the LT-12 Laser Tag Game System

You can even have multiple Special Modes & Power Ups modes activating at the same time with the LT-12 Laser Tag Game System. While we recommend one mode at a time for simplicity, you can jazz up your laser tag game with different modes simultaneously. Each of the modes interacts seamlessly with the other modes in the game. For example, if a Deactivator player tags a Freeze Ray player the Freeze Ray player will deactivate just like any other player. If a Deactivator player tags a Deflector player the Deactivator player will deactivate him or herself because of the deflection.

The new role-playing function in the LT-12 Laser Tag Game System allows you to create totally new games usingSpecial Modes & Power Ups. For instance, you can give a mode to a group of players (or a single player) every time modes are handed out. Designed for more complex game formats, the role-playing tool allows you to designate one player to always be the energizer, for instance.

Marketing Value Behind Special Modes & Power Ups

On-going marketing is another important element built into LASERTRON Special Modes & Power Ups. Laser tag players enjoy something new when they play. However, changing your entire game format is often too confusing for many players. Special Modes & Power Ups are the answer. By switching out which modes you play with in your public laser tag game format, you can market a new game format without changing the basics of how you play in your arena.

At our own laser tag arena in Buffalo, New York, we swap Special Modes & Power Ups every 90 days. We market the changes on in-store signs that say "Now Playing" and "Coming Soon" as well as in printed materials like brochures and on our website.

LASERTRON Special Modes & Power Ups can dramatically enhance your laser tag arena. Operators receive all twelve Special Modes & Power Ups Modes with every new LT-12 PRO Laser Tag Game System.

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