Sport Arenas

Deliver the Best Game Experience

LASERTRON believes the arena is an integrated part of your laser tag attraction. Other manufacturers require you to work with another company or provide only partial arena solutions. LASERTRON will work with you to design and build a complete laser tag arena.

Your arena must be integrated into your laser tag game to create the most repeat play. LASERTRON creates unique arena environments that match our laser tag equipment.

LASERTRON has spent over 27 years perfecting the best playing arenas for our customers. Over the past few years, we have redesigned our components and enhanced our style.

We Build the Entire Multi-Level Arena

Multi-level arenas offer the best player experience for your guests (click here to learn more about the benefits of a multi-level arena). LASERTRON designs and builds your entire arena including the second story steel deck. Steel is a fire-safe, durable material that allows us to span greater distances while leaving the space below open for game play.

How do LASERTRON arenas compare with other laser tag arenas? Click here to view a complete comparison.

Choose One of Four Great Arena Packages

Basic. The Basic Arena package is designed for areas of smaller population or to be placed with other major attractions. This entry level arena package features an approximately 5,623 square foot arena (4,230 sq. ft. on the first level with 1,393 sq. ft. on the upper level). The arena measures about 47 feet by 90 feet and is ideal for 32-38 players.

Most Popular. The Most Popular Arena package is designed as an entry level arena for a stand alone attraction or for a family entertainment center that wants a high quality attraction. This arena is approximately 6,846 square feet (5,130 sq. ft. downstairs with 1,716 sq. ft. on the second level). The arena is roughly 57 feet by 90 feet. It will play great with 38-46 players.

Deluxe. The LASERTRON Deluxe Model Arena package is ideal for a large stand alone arena in a major metropolitan area or a large family entertainment center. This exciting arena is approximately 7,647 square feet in size (5,725 sq. ft. on the bottom floor and 1,922 sq. ft. on the upper floor). Measuring about 57 feet by 100 feet, this arena can handle 44-48 players easily.

Ultimate. The Ultimate Arena package is modeled after the largest LASERTRON arena in operation today at our Interactive Entertainment CenterSM in Buffalo, New York. This package is for the operator who wants the very best, competition proof experience. At approximately 8,962 square feet in size, the arena features a first level of around 6,684 sq. ft. with a second level of about 2,278 sq. ft. With dimensions of roughly 57 feet by 117 feet, this arena can handle 48 players.

All of our arena packages require minimum dimensions plus a ceiling height throughout the arena of at least 16 feet.

Design and Stamped Structural Drawing Included

LASERTRON will save your architect time and money by providing you with the arena design. We also include lighting and electrical design with every arena. By leaving arena design to the experts, you'll save and have a high quality arena. Contact Your Advisement Team for details.

Cost Effective and Attractive For Years and Years

The LASERTRON Sport Arena Package will require minimal maintenance and cleaning. These arenas continue looking new long after plywood arenas look faded and old.

LASERTRON is the only arena building company to stand behind their arena with a lifetime warranty on all plastic arena parts.


"Safety by Design" is one of our Six Key Points. We take safety serious. Unsafe arenas cost you money. LASERTRON arenas feature safer curved surfaces with no blind corners or "bottle necking". We place many obstacles with many paths, not 4' x 8' closed hallways. Most of the hardware used to build a LASERTRON arena is inside the structure, reducing or eliminating exposed hardware.

In most areas, it is necessary to build your entire laser tag arena out of fire retardant materials. That's why LASERTRON uses fire retardant laser tag arena components. Even our plastic cylinder obstacles can be made of fire retardant materials.


LASERTRON's Cone - Patent No.: US D618,733 S

The components of a LASERTRON arena (Columns, Inserts, Caps, and Striping) are constructed of non-fade, ultraviolet-reactive, high density polyethylene plastic. The wall components in the arena are created by utilizing MDF building materials.

All arenas feature a second level playing field built on a steel frame. Custom steel railings, ramp frames, and plywood flooring materials complete the arena and create a strong, long-lasting attraction.

Remember, the LASERTRON Laser Tag arena comes standard with a lifetime warranty.


Our laser tag arena design allows for fair offensive and defensive game play. The Sport Arena Package is designed for players of all skill levels. With a variety of obstacles and UV-reactive plastic trim (that "glows" under blacklight), players receive an exciting, competitive game.

Players will come out of your arena ready to play again. The focus is on making the arena enhance the entire game.

"The large arena is the best arena I have seen after viewing 18 facilities so far. My bet is it is the best in the world. The facility itself is the best facility I have seen, hands down."
- Rick Sharp, Owner, Vermont Laser Tag Adventures


Custom molded, interchangeable components can easily be relocated or upgraded to a larger package. You can update your arena or redesign it using our modular components.

Low Maintenance

The plastic components of your arena are easily cleaned, never need painting, and will never fade. Rehabbing scenic painting is expensive and difficult. MDF wall materials and steel railings are extremely durable and attractive. MDF walls are striped with UV-reactive plastic material that will give the walls a high-tech look.

A LASERTRON arena actually looks like something real, not a painting of something.

Wheelchair Accessible

LASERTRON laser tag arenas are safe and accessible for wheelchair players on the first level. LASERTRON designs multi-level arenas that comply with the International Building Code (IBC) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Up To 8 Bases and 2 Rechargers Per Base

Your laser tag arena will have a lot of options with LASERTRON. Based on two to four teams, you will have multiple bases and rechargers for every team. Bases and special lighting effects are standard with every LASERTRON laser tag system.

What type of Arena would you like to give your customers?

We design multi-level arenas. These arena packages offer the best play and look based on over 27 years of experience in laser tag. Multi-level arenas will increase the repeat play value of your attraction and allow you to market the attraction to older guests.

Your customers will love playing in any of the Arena Packages. You, as the owner and operator, will love the durability and safety of your LASERTRON Arena Package.

If you have something special in mind or have a request for something different we also build Custom Style Arenas for clients with special needs or requirements.

Additional Questions?

For additional information about LASERTRON, please contact Your Advisement Team.

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