What's New

Since 2012 LASERTRON has introduced several new products and features.

  1. New LT-12 Game System
  2. New LED Illuminated Arena and LED Wall Medallions
  3. New LED Illuminated Vesting Racks
  4. New Scoreboard
  5. New Arena Display
  6. New Lobby Display
  7. New Battery Charger
  8. Lifetime Warranty on Phaser Cords
  9. Choose Your Own Special Modes & Power Ups Software
  10. Cloud Kiosks
  11. On-line Scoring
  12. Wireless Game Controller
  13. "Y" Arena Component
  14. LT-12 Briefing Video
  15. Custom Facades
  16. Cyber Sport

1. New LT-12 Game System

The New LASERTRON LT-12 Game System is proving to be the most durable and reliable system that we have built to date. Features on the LT-12 Game System include a new full-color OLED display on the back of the phaser, new brilliant LED light patterns, 5 standard vibrators, super bright white hit indicators, MP3 high quality sound, faster radio communication, green and red lasers and much more.

2. New LED Illuminated Arena and LED Wall Medallions

LASERTRONas New LED Illuminated Arena and LED Wall Medallions are a dramatic improvement over the limitations of black light arenas. Air brushed black light arenas look fake, cartoonish and old when compared to our new LED arena. We have finally converted 100% of our arena, vesting and briefing room to LEDs. The black lights have all been turned off and we will never go back. We have replaced all our black light wall murals with large pulsing LED wall medallions and illuminated our obstacles internally and externally with LED lighting. Our arena FINALLY has that very edgy look we were looking for and it fits with our core focus, which is attracting the older teen and adult market.

View the LED Arena Tour Here

To see it for yourself the LASERTRON team invites you to visit our entertainment center at any time. The reason it is so important to visit our center is that our arena is the best example of what our look and style of laser tag is all about.

3. New LED Illuminated Vesting Racks

LASERTRON also introduced our New LED Illuminated Vesting Racks. LASERTRON provides custom molded vesting racks that come in a variety of colors, can be black-light reactive or not, and have the option of being lit internally with LASERTRON's LED lighting system. The LED lighting system for the racks is available to match your team colors in red, green, blue and yellow.

4. New Scoreboard

New Scoreboard shows the team scores for 2 team, 3 team and 4 team games along with the time remaining in each game.

5. New Arena Display

New LASERTRON Arena Display displays all the player scores, top scoring players and their photoas which are captured when players sign up at our kiosks.

6. New Lobby Display

New LASERTRON Lobby Displays can also be set up in the lobby, arcade or anywhere else in your facility. The display shows daily, weekly, and monthly high scores.

7. New Battery Charger

LASERTRON is also introducing our New Battery Charging Technology that allows operators to fully charge the vest batteries in 3 hours! Busy sites with lock-ins, late hours, etc. will appreciate the speed of our new charging system.

As always LASERTRON guarantees their batteries will last for 16 hours of continuous play for the term of the warranty. Batteries will last for 30 plus hours when playing a standard shields style game format.

8. Lifetime Warranty on Phaser Cords

Why settle for a laser tag system that utilizes low quality curly cords with cheap connectors that are prone to failure?

It is extremely frustrating for multiple laser tag players to experience the same malfunctioning phaser due to a curly cord that is beginning to short-out.

Here is the typical scenario:

A laser tag player notifies a referee that their phaser doesn't always work properly. When the referee test fires the phaser, it often appears to be working fine. The player is given back the phaser and it appears to work, but as soon as the player lifts the phaser higher to tag a player up on the second level the phaser begins to mis-fire once again. This scenario provides multiple players with a horrible laser tag experience. Too often these frustrated players leave a center and never return. Even worse they spread the word about their negative experience to their friends and family.

LASERTRON understands the value of a great laser tag experience. We worked for many years to develop a phaser cord that was as close to indestructible as possible. We operate a very high volume laser tag arena in Buffalo, NY and during a 10 year period we only replaced about 20 phaser cords. Since we operate with 96 vests that means over 75% of our vests never had a phaser cord short during 10+ years of operation.

Most importantly, this means it is extremely rare that a LASERTRON laser tag player will ever experience a phaser cord failure. Our competition can't say the same. Since the likelihood of a LASERTRON phaser cord failure is so rare, it was an easy decision to provide our LT-12 customers with a Lifetime Phaser Cord Warranty.

9. Choose Your Own Special Modes & Power Ups

Introducing LASERTRON's Newest Feature: Choose Your Own Special Modes!

Gone are the days of waiting to be randomly chosen to receive a special mode, now you can choose your special modes and when to receive them.

Here's how it works:

At the beginning of each game you'll be given 3 special modes activations that you can use at any time throughout the game.
When you're ready to use your modes:

  1. Pull and hold the trigger without pressing any other buttons
  2. When the mode selection screen appears use your 2 front buttons to scroll though the list and select a mode
  3. When you've selected the mode you want to activate release your trigger

It's that easy, your special mode will be instantly activated.

10. Cloud Kiosk

For those operators that donat need a full LASERTRON POS system for their laser tag attraction you can now operate your laser tag attraction with LASERTRONas Cloud Kiosk System.

The new Cloud Kiosk System will allow you to operate with a simple reservation process using colored plastic cards provided by LASERTRON. Your laser tag players will be able to sign up for a game at a kiosk and provide you with their contact information (most importantly their email address.)

Benefits of utilizing our new Cloud Kiosk System in your center include:

  • Post Game Emailing of Link to View Score Cards and Player Stats
  • Player Stats Online
  • Facebook Integration
  • Awards and Medals
  • Data Collection
  • Simple Reservations
  • Players Enter their own Personalized Code Names
  • Waiver Acknowledgement

11. On-Line Scoring

One of the coolest features of the LT-12 software is the new online scoring.

Once youave captured your playersa email addresses, you can then send each one a link immediately after theyave played their laser tag session so they can view their scores.

Your players then have the ability to post their results on Facebook and share their experience at your center with their friends and family.

Players can also view their medals earned after playing multiple games at your center.

See our stats live on our entertainment center website here.

12. Wireless Game Controller

With the LT12 Wireless Game Controller you can control your system from anywhere in your center.

The LT12 Wireless Game Controller Software turns any Apple® iPod Touch® into a wireless controller for your LASERTRON system that allows you to remotely:

  • Start & Stop Games
  • View Game Status
  • Save Scores
  • Print Scoresheets
  • Start a New Session

Apple and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

13. "Y" Arena Component

Learn more about all of our arena components here

14. LT-12 Briefing Video

Along with our LT-12 System we now offer an all new briefing video that highlights the new advanced features of the LT-12 System. Visit the Briefing Video page to see the new video for yourself

15. Custom Facades

LASERTRON can create a custom facade for your entertainment center Check out our facade portfolio

16. Cyber Sport

Cyber Sport ® combines a sporting experience with a highly maneuverable vehicle** that adults and kids* love to play. Cyber Sport®™ is a turnkey installation for your center. The thrilling multi-player interactive experience can either be operated as a stand-alone attraction (with an arcade, bar, and food service) or as a unique addition to an existing or future multi-attraction entertainment center.

Learn More About Cyber Sport

(*recommended for players who are a minimum of 54" tall)

(**U.S. Patent No. 8,033,346)