2013 Survey Results

We do believe we build the best equipment but we are always looking for feedback from our clients so we can continue to improve our products and services.

Based on our never ending quest to improve we conduct an annual survey with each of our locations. We reach out to the owner or manager directly and ask them to respond to the 3 questions below, ranking their answers from 10 being the best, to 1 being the worst.

  1. How would you rate the speed and quality of our service?
  2. How would you rate the reliability and durability of your LASERTRON equipment?
  3. When the time comes to invest in a new system, would you definitely go with LASERTRON? 10 you would, 1 you wouldn’t.

Once again our survey for 2013 validates that we are achieving our goal of providing our clients with the products and services they need to succeed.

The average score for question 1 on the speed and quality of our service was 9.0.

The average score for question 2 regarding the reliability and durability of our system was 8.5. Keep in mind that more than 50% of our customers operate with systems that are 7, 8, 9, 10 years old or older!

The average score for question 3 on whether they would use LASERTRON again was 9.8.

We are very lucky to be able to work with great operators. Many of whom attend our conferences on a regular basis and others that we keep in close contact with by phone or email.

We welcome any existing operator of a competitive system, any new bowling center or skating facility as well as any FEC operator to join our growing team of operators. 2013 has proven to be our best year ever and we look forward to working with even more clients in 2014.

Here are some client testimonials we received while conducting our annual survey:

“We have found LaserTron equipment to be far superior to that of our previous supplier’s product. Plus, it is built and supported by a team here in the USA. When buying LaserTron equipment you have a strong partner that wants to see their client’s centers successful. As operators themselves, they provide their clients with tested ideas that work to make your center successful.”
- Gregg Borman - Palace Entertainment
“One of the things I tell people when they are shopping for a laser tag system, is reliability is the most important factor and certainly Lasertron is the leader in that respect. The second most important factor is frequently overlooked: how are the people you will be constantly dealing with for years to come? When a prospective owner calls around asking existing owners how they like their gear, they should also ask how they like dealing with the manufacturer and the people there. Lasertron people are top notch.”
- Peter Murphy - Laser Flash
“We have used Laserton equipment since opening 6 years ago. I cannot imagine using another company for laser tag needs other than Lasertron. The equipment, the design, the service, the support, the people, the seminars – are all first class and top quality. I have no hesitation recommending LaserTron. I consider myself fortunate in having them as a partner in my business.”
- Brad Little - Hey Day Entertainment
“We opened our first location in 2005 and quickly bloomed into 3 centers by the summer of 2008. When building the third location we considered trying Lasertron for the first time. During this process we began to experience issues with the system installed in our current centers. The company we had offered to fix all of our issues with new equipment if we signed with them for our new location. Mistakenly, we didn’t think we had any other option but to take advantage of their offer. Not long after the third center was up and running the issues began arising once again; this time in all three of our locations.

We maintained a relationship with Lasertron the next couple years and in 2010 a fourth project started to take shape. We were determined that we would not make the mistake again. Although we received a similar offer from our current supplier we had finally chosen to open our first Lasertron arena. Since opening this facility in 2011 we have converted 2 of our other 3 centers into Lasertron with plans to convert the third as well. We could not be happier with our decision. Lasertron offers us outstanding service and an excellent product. The reliability of the equipment is far above the competition. We have created more than just a relationship with the staff at Lasertron; we consider it a friendship.

Lasertron has changed the way we do Laser tag!”
- Brad Van Buskirk - Stars and Strikes
“Working with Lasertron and their team is always a pleasure. Lasertron has the technical expertise to work through even the most difficult issues. Their years of experience, arena design, and overall customer service are second to none.”
- Jeff Benson - Cinergy Cinemas and Entertainment
“Since opening Lasertron's new LT-12 Laser Tag system, our guests have lots of comments about how great it is. They compared it to lots of different competitors both near and far and say ours is the best. The multi-color lasers are a big hit. When the kids play a free for all, they are amazed that the vests all become the same color. If I had a choice of opening another center with Laser Tag, I would choose LASERTRON again.”
- Kenny Owen - Big Apple Fun Center
“Here in Livermore, we have had our system now for nearly 2 years with nothing but positive praises. From the first email to the actual install of the system at our park was a wonderful experience for our location and guests that have enjoyed it since the install. The equipment is A+, great quality and look, user friendly and very 21th century. We can count on the system working correctly daily which has help with through-put and large parties and groups we host at our location. The warranty is great and has help us cut cost in this area with far more less repairs then prior laser tag system. We have increased laser tag revenues 20% VS PY ,I would highly recommend to any business that would be interested in adding a great product to help drive revenues and guests experience for years to come”
- Terrance Trotter - Boomers of Livermore
“I operate Strike City Lanes and Putters Family Fun Center. Approximately 9 years ago I started looking for another attraction for Putters. I was fortunate to find Lasertron and Steve Kessler. Through my conversations with Steve, I was educated regarding what laser tag was and what was required to operate a facility profitably for the long term. I have now operated my laser tag arena for 7 years. Everything that Steve and the staff of Lasertron told me was true, and I could not be more satisfied. Lasertron installed my arena and trained my staff. Most importantly, they have supported my system and assisted me in a professional and timely manner. Thank you Lasertron.”
- Steve Gilbert - Putters Family Fun Center
“LASERTRON is very good and reliable, they have very good equipment and a wonderful facility. I need to have mine updated and would only trust LASTERTRON for the job!”
- Lindsey Sawyer - Laser Craze
"CJ Barrymores has operated with LASERTRON laser tag equipment since 1997, that's 16 years! For 14 of those years we operated with LASERTRON's LT-8 system. We finally upgraded to their LT-11 system in 2011. The new stuff is freaking fantastic! We were stupid not to upgrade sooner. You cannot go wrong with LASERTRON's equipment and service. Call the folks at LASERTRON now - don't wait as long as we did to offer your customers the best!"
- Rick Iceberg - CJ Barrymores
“In 2010 we started to run the very first Lasertron cybersports arena in Europe, Austria, Sankt Poelten. We decided to choose Lasertron, because we were convinced and impressed of the philosophy and the mission statement of the company. They told us, that Lasertron is not just a usual lasertag system for customers. It´s an attractive, intelligent and sportive game for kids and adults, who want to have fun on the next level. And it´s true, indeed.

For us as an Lasertron operator it is important to have a trustworthy partner, who knows his business. - Meanwhile for more than 24 years. This is the reason, why we decided to open a new Lasertron cybersports arena in Graz, Austria this winter.”
“When I purchase my second set of equipment I will definitely purchase Lasertron equipment, Wait I already did and it was Lasertron again.” I shopped extensively twelve years ago and chose Lasertron and when I decided to purchase new equipment last year, I checked out all the major systems and purchased Lasertron again, it is simply the best. I run a ton of adult parties and there is no comparison for adult as well as kid fun.”
- Rick Morad - Whirly Ball
“If you want the best laser tag equipment made, Lasertron should be your choice."
- Robert Thomas - Mulligan Family Fun Centers
“We have been with Lasertron since 2006 and have never regretted our choice; the product is very reliable and the company’s attention to customer service, is second to none.”
- Olivier Sermet - Jungle Fun
“Our server went down and we got another server before 10am and had the server up and ready to go by 11am and our customer did not even know we had a problem. Now that is GREAT SERVICE! When you can walk the walk and back the talk then you are top notch in my opinion.”
- Bill Poss – Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center