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LASERTRON Laser Tag History of Clients

LASERTRONas 167 clients enjoy being a part of the longest running and most stable group of operators in the laser tag industry. When you open a facility with a LASERTRON laser tag system and arena, you can feel comfortable knowing LASERTRON and its clients have enjoyed above average success when compared to the laser tag industry and other types of businesses.

One industry source implies that over 60% of all laser tag arenas fail within 3 years. We believe the number may be higher, but we are pleased to report that as of January 21, 2014, 65.1% of all facilities ever opened by LASERTRON are still open. The average age of our clients centers is now 8.4 years (excluding locations open less than one year). LASERTRON has operations at all stages of life. In fact, over 40 of our existing locations have been open for 10 years or more.

With 140 locations, mostly in North America, and many operators into their second decade of operation, LASERTRON is the most stable laser tag manufacturer in the market today. Whether you are an experienced laser tag operator looking for the best possible equipment or a new facility, LASERTRON has other operators just like you already in business.

What If Things Donat Work Out?

Of course, not every business will be successful. In fact, past business success is not a guarantee of your future success. LASERTRON has seen 75 operations (out of 215) close over the years. Weare proud to say that even amongst sites that did close, the average site was open forA 5.92 years with LASERTRON equipment.

There Are Many Reasons Why a Business Would Close or Cease to Operate

Business failure is only one reason why laser tag and other businesses close. Some businesses may merge out of existence. Others may close for non-business reasons, such as divorce, death of a principal or real estate opportunities. In some cases, the business ownership may simply grow weary of a particular business. It may no longer fit their goals and lifestyle.

As best we could, the LASERTRON team analyzed all of the LASERTRON facilities that have closed in our entire 27 year history. As might be expected, there were common themes amongst theA 75 locations that have closed.

  • Many of the locations were stand alone laser tags that closed. Generally, LASERTRON recommends multiple attractions, an arcade of 20 or more games, adequate party space and a snack bar.
  • Several of the locations were larger family entertainment centers that closed.
  • A few of the locations were part of a larger entertainment company that went out of business and closed all locations en masse.
  • OnlyA 6 of the locations switched equipment to another manufacturer. The 6 locations operated with LASERTRON equipment for an average of 8.69 years. We believe this is the lowest "switchout" rate of any manufacturer with more than 100 locations.
  • Some of the locations closed exclusively because of a real estate opportunity. There may be more locations that closed for other anon-failurea reasons, but these situations were known to us.
  • One location sold his center, moved, and immediately rebuilt a new center with a new LT-11.5 Laser Tag system.
  • A couple of operatorsA simply grew tired of the business and wanted to do something else.
  • On a side note, a handful of the locations were located in areas where LASERTRON felt the population was too small to adequately support a laser tag operation. At LASERTRON, we always provide our most honest assessment of the viability of your project.

Honesty and Commitment to Your Success.

By joining the LASERTRON family, itas great to know you will be in the midst of the best and longest running operators in the laser tag industry. Most importantly, your concerns should be focused on the success of your business and we are here to help you achieve that success. Our commitment to designing and building the best laser tag experiences as well as the best ongoing management and operational services is what makes LASERTRON so different from all the rest.

First, we are honest about the viability of your project. When you open with LASERTRON equipment, youare utilizing the LASERTRON brand and we want it to provide you with the same success it has provided other LASERTRON laser tag operators. It is in our mutual interest to see your project succeed. If you donat have the right facility, arena or location, LASERTRON will tell you.

Second, no other laser tag manufacturer, supplier or association can provide you with the level of support that LASERTRON provides. Look at some of the key benefits of joining the LASERTRON team:

  • Facility and Arena Design. LASERTRON can assist you with the design and layout of your facility and the design of your arena. This service is provided at no additional charge to qualified clients and developers.
  • FREE Entertainment Center Conferences. LASERTRON brings together many of our existing laser tag operators as well as operators of FEC's, skating centers, bowling centers, movie theaters and many new prosects every year. The Conferences are held several times a year and provide an opportunity for learning and networking with fellow operators and developers.
  • Management, Marketing and Operations Manual. LASERTRON provides developers and clients with our 400+ page manual with detailed information on how to operate your own center.
  • On-Going Support. When you install your first LASERTRON system, itas only the beginning of our relationship. Weall be available to you for consultation on any topic whenever you need us. Most of our team members are involved in the direct operation of our own successful multi-attraction entertainment center in Buffalo, New York, so we understand your needs and can provide you with quality advice.

For more information about LASERTRON, contact Your Advisement Team.

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