Built To Last

LASERTRON Offers Up To a 5-Year Warranty on Equipment and a Lifetime Warranty on Plastic Arena Components

LASERTRON equipment is built to last. Itas the most reliable, consistent and durable laser tag equipment available anywhere in the world. Our manufacturing goal is to provide you with equipment that works so well, you will be able to concentrate on building your business, not fixing and rebuilding your vests.

When you get right down to it, every manufacturer says their equipment is reliable and durable. So how does a manufacturer prove their equipment is the best in the business? Well, you do what we did. We provided our LASERTRON customers with the first 2-year "Bumper to Bumper" warranty in the laser tag industry. Then we did it again by providing our LASERTRON customers with up to a 5-year "Bumper to Bumper" warranty and we also gave them the option to extend their warranties for up to 5 additional years.

Nobody in the business offers a better warranty than LASERTRON

The LASERTRON Warranty covers everything in your laser tag system AND arena that LASERTRON provides or builds except the following supplies:

  1. Scorecards
  2. Fog Fluid
  3. Code Name Cards

Everything else LASERTRON supplies to you is included in your warranty. Even batteries and screws. LASERTRON also offers a lifetime warranty on phaser cords and a minimum 3-year warranty on the batteries with an LT-12 Game System purchase. Batteries are guaranteed to hold a charge after being fully charged for at least 16 hours (out of the box LASERTRON's batteries will last 30+ hours for a shields style game) or weall replace them under the terms of the warranty. Of course, our warranty canat cover fire, theft, neglect, abuse, acts of God or other such casualties. Itas all spelled out in the LASERTRON agreement which we will provide upon your request.

Based on Years not Minutes

The LASERTRON warranty is based on years, not minutes played or any other measure.

Extendable Out to 10 Years

LASERTRON is the only manufacturer we know of that will allow you to extend your warranty for five years past the date of the original warranty for a maximum length of 10 years. When LASERTRON established the industryas first 5-year "Bumper to Bumper" warranty program almost every other manufacturer tried to follow suit with their own warranties and none of them were as comprehensive as LASERTRON's warranty. Now some manufacturers have actually reduced the length of their standard warranty and are limiting the length of the warranty on some of their newer systems.

Arena Components Also Under Warranty

LASERTRON is the only arena manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on our plastic arena components purchased after November 2013. Weave never had to replace one of our plastic arena components under warranty.

More Than a Warranty - Peace of Mind

In addition to our industry-leading warranty, LASERTRON guarantees that we will maintain parts for your laser tag system for a minimum of 10 years from the date you open. As a LASERTRON operator, youall never pay a licensing fee to continue utilizing your LASERTRON equipment at your existing facility. We plan to help you be so successful that youall be eager to upgrade to the latest LASERTRON equipment in seven to ten years. Weare always looking at new features, new software and the latest technology. But, even if you never upgrade, LASERTRON designed the LT-12 generation equipment to last for ten or more years. We wouldnat accept anything less for our own centers. If youare looking for a company that stands behind their products, there is only one choice: LASERTRON.

Two-Day Parts & Repair Guarantee

A broken vest isn't making you money. When something breaks, LASERTRON will get you back in business.

Parts and supplies are guaranteed to ship within two business days of order. Repairs are guaranteed to ship back to you within two business days of receipt. We achieve our two-day parts and repair guarantee in 95% of all orders.

For additional information about LASERTRON, please contact Your Advisement Team.