Working with a company you can trust is critical to your success. For over 27 years LASERTRON has built a solid reputation of being a company you can trust.

For a company to be trustworthy, its team members must have the right character and competence in each area of expertise.

A personas character is defined by his or her level of integrity. Integrity is all about thinking, saying and doing what is right.

Competence is defined by each team memberas skills and their ability to get the job done correctly, on-time and on budget.

Our company operates the longest running and most successful laser tag attraction in the United States at over 27 years and counting. We have also designed and manufactured our own laser tag equipment and arenas for over 27 years. No other company has as much real world experience.

Through trust, integrity and competence our LASERTRON team will provide you with the best laser tag system and arena when comparing aApples to Apples.a

By providing you with a detailed comparison, you will fully understand all the features and benefits that we provide. Through this process we will be able to demonstrate our integrity and our competence.

Most importantly, we will confirm that our company and our team are worthy of your trust.